BlackBerry in the Enterprise

Discover the multi-OS BlackBerry enterprise portfolio.
Powering today's secure mobile businesses.

CIO’s Guide to EMM

Get the definitive guide to enterprise mobile security.

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Secure EMM

A complete solution for all aspects
of enterprise mobility management.


Support multiple device ownership policies at once.

Application management

Manage apps across iOS, Android™, Windows Phone®, and BlackBerry®.

Secure content management

Connect people to the files they need, from anywhere on any device.

Secure collaboration and communication

Empower employees with secure mobile messaging. 

Business services

Get advice, analysis, implementation, and migration expertise.

Protection, Productivity and Compliance

Government - BlackBerry

BlackBerry for Government

With 16 of the G20 governments and over 70 security certifications, BlackBerry is the trusted choice in government solutions.

Healthcare - BlackBerry

BlackBerry for Healthcare

BlackBerry offers solutions to help improve patient care, enable effective team collaboration, and maintain regulatory compliance across a range of healthcare stakeholders.

Financial Services - BlackBerry

BlackBerry for Financial Services

Whether you’re in banking, insurance or investments, BlackBerry can help your organization meet regulation requirements, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs and complexity.

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The definitive guide to enterprise mobile security

Produced by BlackBerry security experts, The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security offers actionable tactics for planning and building a bullet-proof security architecture, and how to recover if breaches do occur.

Enhance your enterprise's productivity without sacrificing security

You want your employees to be productive from anywhere. They want access to the devices and apps they know will let them succeed. Your challenge? To protect your business data and provide them with secure communications and collaboration tools while preserving their privacy on any device, in any ownership model.

Achieve this and productivity can truly take-off.

Healthcare - BlackBerry

Mobility management made easy

BES®12 is a complete, highly secure Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution designed to protect your business data and increase the productivity of your workforce by fully enabling their mobility.

Government - BlackBerry

Enable secure productivity

Securely connect employees to data, apps and people with a new range of enterprise services designed to enable productivity. From mobility management, communication and collaboration to identity and access, BlackBerry can help you leverage your investment in mobile.

Financial Services - BlackBerry

Android and beyond...

Now the world’s most popular operating systems can be managed by BlackBerry’s trusted and comprehensive EMM platform – BES®12. No matter how you choose to deploy Android or iOS, choose BES®12 as the command and control center for your secure mobility solution.

Why BlackBerry

20+ years mobility management

70+ Security Certifications

99.9% average uptime on the Global BlackBerry Network

35 petabytes secure mobile data moved per month on average

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