Modern, Secure Web Apps and Browsing

Good Access™ provides a secure experience for the deployment of web apps and access to corporate intranet resources. The underlying NOC-based architecture of Good Access allows users access to internal resources through a secure connection that does not require a VPN or other costly and complex components. Good Access supports iOS™, Android™, Windows® and Mac OS® X devices. On Windows and Mac computers, Good Access provides a full VDI alternative with offline access that facilitates the building and deployment of rich HTML5 apps, while maintaining a high level of security and compliance.

End-to-End Security

Securely access corporate intranets and web applications that contain sensitive, regulated, or audited content. The data is encrypted both at rest and in transit when browsing. Whitelist URLs allow IT to limit end-user access to only domains that are company approved so that they can browse and download information freely without fear of data leakage. Should the device be lost or stolen, IT can selectively remote wipe the secure browser to protect corporate information and content without affecting the user’s personal data.

Securely Deploy HTML5 Desktop Apps

Good Access provides a secure environment for deployment of HTML5 apps on tablets, laptops and desktops that run Windows and OS X. Good Access secures corporate web apps in containers, ensuring data never leaves enterprise control, while providing a rich user experience that includes the first HTML5 offline access in a secure browser for Windows and Mac. 

IT can confidently enable access to a broad range of web apps and more quickly develop additional apps knowing that corporate data will be secure. Good Access provides a turnkey solution to securely and easily support users with a wide range of apps on devices the enterprise cannot or does not manage, whether they are laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Flexible Deployment Options

Enterprises have the option to deploy the Good Access secure mobile browser using Direct Connect as a global solution for better browsing performance. Direct Connect also provides enhanced control for enterprises that need to keep data within national and/or corporate boundaries as app data flows directly to/from the corporate network.

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