Mobility management for your organization, on-premise or in the cloud, across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung KNOX and BlackBerry



The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security

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Your command and control center

BES12 lets you manage enterprise mobility across iOS, Android™, Windows Phone®, Samsung KNOX and BlackBerry® devices. Extending far beyond basic MDM, it offers industry-leading security with a rich ecosystem of mobility solutions, and flexibility in deployment choice.

Command and Control Center

BES12 introduces a new, scalable architecture and streamlined user experience that consolidates enterprise mobility management (EMM) control in a single, powerful console. The new attribute-driven, endpoint-permissions model gives you strict control of devices, applications and data, by-person or by-group, more efficiently than ever. And with BES12 v12.1, the admin experience also integrates with third party and in-house monitoring solutions.


BES12 On-premise

Choose BES12 on-premise for proven security. Streamline your EMM in a single, powerful console.


BES12 Cloud

BES12 Cloud is an easy solution that's flexible and scalable enough to securely meet the needs of organizations large or small — with no in-house IT required.

BES12 Cloud: Mobility Made Easy

Whether you are a small-to-medium sized business looking for seamless growth and efficient collaboration, or a large enterprise looking to extend flexible, secure mobility to your workforce, BES12 Cloud can be the mobility management system for you. It offers an affordable and secure management solution for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung KNOX and BlackBerry devices.

Set up in minutes

BES12 Cloud uses a web-based interface that doesn't require any server installation. Go from purchase to service availability in minutes.

Easily manage the mobile devices in your organization

Quickly enable your employees with mobile access to data on either a personal or company owned device. With self-service options, you can also reduce costs by allowing employees to activate, reset device passwords, and lock/wipe/disable a lost device.


Productivity beyond device management

BES12 Cloud brings together mobile devices, applications, cloud services, and carrier services to consolidate and manage your business workflows.

Lower TCO

A low monthly cloud subscription eliminates your on-premise data center operating cost. Achieve a lower TCO, reduce complexity, optimize pooled resources, and ensure maximum uptime.

Easy to upgrade

Whether you are evaluating EMM solutions, have an EMM solution from another vendor, or are already a BES customer, it’s easy to get the latest version of BES12.

Easy to deploy

Manage all endpoints through one, consolidated, easy-to-use console. Whether you have BES5, BES10 or any other EMM platform you can upgrade to BES12 easily.

If you choose BES12 Cloud, since it uses a web-based browser interface that doesn’t require server installation, you can go from purchase to service availability in minutes.

What's New

The capabilities of BES12 continue to evolve with version 12.1, providing you with the most secure and comprehensive EMM solution available.



  • Support for Samsung KNOX. Read the Samsung KNOX datasheet
  • BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Instant Messaging integration with Microsoft® Lync® and IBM® Sametime®
  • Admin Support for BlackBerry 10 government / security features
  • Inter-domain user migration support (when moving between BES12 v12.1 installations or future releases)
  • Integration with Entrust Certificate Authority
  • Improved integration with third party and in-house monitoring solutions


Comprehensive Multi-OS EMM

Whether you manage a single, hardened, connected endpoint, or allow cross-platform bring your own device (BYOD), BES12 gives you control over the availability and usage of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung KNOX and BlackBerry devices, apps, activities and mission-critical data.

Scalable Architecture

BES12 has been built from the ground up as a modern services-based architecture.

Scalable up to 25K devices per server and 150K devices per domain

Scalable Architecture

Can be deployed on-premise or through a cloud-based solution, which offers a simplified set-up process.

Private and Cloud

High availability and disaster recovery configuration options available

BES12 reduces complexity, optimizes pooled resources, ensures maximum uptime and helps you achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Application, Content & Device Management

With MAM, MDM AND MCM across multiple OSs and devices, all built into a single console, BES12 is the only command and control center for your secured enterprise that you will ever need.

Support multiple device ownership policies at once, from BYOD to company owned personally enabled (COPE) to company owned business owned (COBO)


Lifecycle management of apps across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung KNOX and BlackBerry devices

Multi-OS Lifecycle

Integrated secure connectivity provides applications with behind-the-firewall-access to your organization's resources through enterprise connectivity and VPN


BlackBerry’s security is trusted by thousands of enterprises around the world. Using encryption, containerization, app-wrapping and BlackBerry’s secure infrastructure, BES12 locks down your mission-critical data both on-device and in-transit.

All mobile management traffic passes through a single port behind your firewall, via our world-renowned Network Operations Center (NOC), to ensure data security. With secured work spaces on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, your data traffic is routed through a single port outbound initiated bi-directional secure tunnel.

BES12 is built on proven security you can trust.

Support documents

Client-side lockdown

Secured work spaces allow cross-platform (iOS, Android or BlackBerry) ownership models, from BYOD to company-owned, keeping private data private and work data secure. BES12 takes advantage of client-side security specific to a mobile endpoint and extends that security through encryption, certificates and containerization.


Trusted network

BlackBerry is renowned for its global, secure network. This network provides the BES12 Cloud infrastructure, as well as secure connectivity for BES12 on-premise, with tight control of mission-critical traffic and data.


Enterprise mobility ecosystem

BES12 is the ‘central nervous system’ of a powerful ecosystem that brings together mobile devices, apps, cloud services, and mobile operator services. Extend your EMM capabilities with integrated BlackBerry Enterprise Communication and Collaboration and Identity and Access solutions.

Hardened for regulated industries

BES12 supports all tiers of device ownership and deployment models from BYOD to COPE and COBO for regulated industries. Combining BES12 and BlackBerry devices guarantees one of the most secure, end-to-end mobility solutions in the market today.

Case studies

World class global support

You can rely on the industry-leading support that is included with all BES12 annual subscriptions to help evolve your EMM strategy and manage your complex and demanding environment. Tailor your EMM solution with additional relationship-based and technical services for even greater user satisfaction.


Enterprise apps

BlackBerry partners extend our software ecosystem with best-in-class secured apps. For iOS and Android, secured partner apps are locked down with Secure Work Space; partner apps developed for BlackBerry devices take advantage of the renowned BlackBerry OS-level security

Enterprise Service Monitoring

Mobile devices have evolved to become the primary conduit of enterprise data access. As a result, the availability and performance of the underlying mobile infrastructure is now critical to day-to-day operations.

BES Monitoring solutions from two key BlackBerry partners, GSX Solutions and ISEC7, allow organizations with a BES to monitor critical mobile, messaging and enterprise services.

  1. 130-day (BES12 Cloud) or 60-day (BES12 on-premise) Free Trial Offer: Limited time offer; subject to change. Limit 1 per customer. Trial starts upon activation and is limited to 50 Gold BlackBerry subscriptions and 50 Secure Work Space for iOS and Android subscriptions. Gold Level subscription Licenses can be interchangeably used for Silver level device activation for BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Samsung KNOX devices. Following trial, customer must purchase subscriptions to continue use of product. Not available in all countries. Subscriptions can be purchased direct or from authorized resellers. When a system is upgraded to production, the trial subscriptions will no longer be available. This Offer is void where prohibited and is subject to modification, extension or early termination at BlackBerry’s sole discretion.
  2. 2BBM Protected must be purchased separately. Available on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones.
  3. 3Billed annually
  4. 4In-transit encryption is offered through secure enterprise connectivity or VPN for on-premise BES12 deployments and through VPN for BES12 Cloud.