Bulletproof Mobile Security, Backed by Decades of Experience

BlackBerry® offers the gold standard in security with the experience and certifications to back it up. For several decades BlackBerry has led the mobile industry in security, pioneering secure mobile messaging. Through research and development, as well as strategic acquisitions, BlackBerry has built on this heritage. With secure connectivity via the BlackBerry Infrastructure, only BlackBerry can deliver end-to-end security without the need for open firewall ports or VPN.

The BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform delivers proven containerization and Mobile Application Management built on decades of experience by the people who invented containerization.

With BlackBerry® Workspaces, BlackBerry extends security to content, pervasively applying DRM policies to documents no matter where they go.

Many vendors claim to be secure. Only BlackBerry can prove it.

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End-to-End Corporate Data Protection

BlackBerry continuously innovates new approaches for mobile security to uniquely protect the 3 C’s of corporate data – content, credentials and configurations. Military-grade AES-256 encryption ensures data is always protected on the device, across the mobile network and all the way into your corporate infrastructure.

BlackBerry solutions enable organizations to comply with stringent multi-national regulatory requirements. In fact, BlackBerry is the only cross-platform mobile collaboration solution to achieve Common Criteria EAL4+ for both iOS and Android, providing the highest level of security in the market.

BlackBerry provides Common Criteria Certified applications, including the Common Criteria Certified BlackBerry Dynamics Platform for building your own secure applications.

Security Across All Devices

While BlackBerry pioneered mobile security with its own devices, including the world’s most secure Android smartphones, today BlackBerry provides enterprise-grade solutions across all common mobile devices. From Mobile Device Management (MDM) policies with BlackBerry® UEM to secure containerization with BlackBerry Dynamics and content security with BlackBerry® Workspaces, every BlackBerry solution works on your choice of end-points including iOS®, Android, Windows®, Windows Phone®, Mac OS® X, BlackBerry® and wearables.

You get more flexibility around devices and ownership policies, while protecting your most important asset—your business data.

The Innovator and Leader

BlackBerry defined security on the mobile device. From pioneering mobile messaging to inventing mobile containerization, BlackBerry has always led the market with new and innovative ways to protect corporate data on mobile devices.

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Proven in the Most Demanding Environments

BlackBerry mobile security solutions are deployed, tested and trusted in many of the world’s largest and most demanding mobile environments with the highest security restrictions. Many of these organizations have also done extensive pen testing of BlackBerry solutions, and are using them in mission-critical environments, including:

  • Over half of the Fortune 100
  • 16 of the G20 governments
  • 100% of the F100 Commercial Banks1
  • 10 of the 10 largest law firms1
  • All of the 5 largest oil and gas companies1
  • 9 of 11 F100 Insurance Companies
  • 6 of 7 F100 Healthcare Providers
  • 100% of F100 Aerospace and Defense Firms

Tested and Certified

BlackBerry security solutions have been independently certified for some of the most demanding customers in government, defense, intelligence agencies, regulated industries, and large enterprises.

BlackBerry certifications include:


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1 As of February 2014
2 As of November 2013