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petabytes secure mobile data moved per month on average


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Taking care of mobile business

BlackBerry® enterprise solutions provide everything you need to move your mobile business forward. BlackBerry integrates comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) with advanced services that propel end users to new levels of productivity, safeguard your corporate data and expand the perimeter of your mobile office to the Internet of Things.

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EMM for today's enterprises

The world is headed toward 50 million endpoints extended beyond mobile devices and across platforms. Unlocking the boundless potential offered by mobile technology of today and tomorrow will hinge on connecting these endpoints in a way that is secure, scalable and manageable.

With BES12, BlackBerry offers the most extensive set of proven EMM solutions with a wide range of deployment options – from on-premise to cloud-based. BES12 connects employees to data, apps, services and people to help them communicate and be more productive wherever they are, no matter what device they are using.

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Secure, productive communications and collaboration

The business world thrives when bringing minds and ideas together to work collaboratively and securely, regardless of physical boundaries. But for security conscious organizations, mobile collaboration introduces new complexities and risks, like data leakage, spying and compliance that must be balanced with the business needs of employees. PRIMEmunication and collaboration solutions advance the way people and devices work together by building on proven, industry leading security with expertise in designing mobile-first experiences.

Simple, secure, anywhere access

Enterprises and workers are relying on more mobile devices and applications today than ever before to boost productivity. But managing identities, controlling access to endpoints and securely enabling the flow of data can add complexity that stands in the way of seamless productivity.

BlackBerry identity and access solutions simplify access and entitlement to devices and data, as well as internal and third-party applications that are delivered through the cloud or over the secure and trusted BlackBerry Network.


Serious security

Security and regulatory compliance are paramount concerns of any organization that handles sensitive information, such as public safety, healthcare or financial data. For more than a decade, government agencies and regulated businesses have turned to BlackBerry to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements in the world.

  1. 1 As of February 2014