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Access to information is important to people of all abilities. BlackBerry® smartphones, enable customers with and without disabilities to stay in touch with information, colleagues and friends while on the go.

Access your world with PRIV




Access your world with BlackBerry 10

Two kinds of keyboard. One of a kind performance.


Stay connected with the following BlackBerry 10 features:

Accessibility menu – Customize your accessibility settings and quickly access features such as BlackBerry Magnify and font settings from the dedicated Accessibility menu. Learn more

BlackBerry Screen Reader – Access core BlackBerry applications without relying on sight. BlackBerry Screen Reader provides an audible output based on the visual information displayed on your screen. Learn more

Closed Captioning – Enjoy closed or open captioned multimedia content. Personalize your closed caption settings by adjusting character size, color, opacity or font. Learn more

Reverse Contrast – Use reverse contrast to change how text and images appear on the screen. Learn more

BlackBerry Magnify – Zoom in to or zoom out from the screen from anywhere on your BlackBerry device. Learn more

BBM ™ Video – Use the front-facing camera for face-to-face video chat with BBM Video. Learn more

BlackBerry Assistant – Perform a variety of actions and tasks with your voice. Use BlackBerry Assistant to send messages, place calls and more. Learn more

New BlackBerry Keyboard – Type more efficiently with contextual auto-correction, next-word prediction, and a personalized learning engine that gets to know the way you type. Try the on-screen BlackBerry Keyboard (portrait/landscape) on the BlackBerry Leap, or enter text with keys you can feel on the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic. Learn more

Learn about more BlackBerry 10 accessibility solutions:

Download the BlackBerry 10 Solutions for Persons with Disabilities brochure