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BlackBerry Screen Reader – Access core BlackBerry applications without relying on sight. BlackBerry Screen Reader provides an audible output based on the visual information displayed on your screen. Learn more

BlackBerry Magnify – Zoom in to or zoom out from the screen from anywhere on your BlackBerry device. Learn more

Reverse Contrast – Use reverse contrast to change how text and images appear on the screen. Learn more

New BlackBerry Keyboard – Type more efficiently with contextual auto-correction, next-word prediction, and a personalized learning engine that gets to know the way you type. Try the on-screen BlackBerry Keyboard (portrait/landscape) on the BlackBerry Leap, or enter text with keys you can feel on the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic. Learn more

BlackBerry Assistant – Perform a variety of actions and tasks with your voice. Use BlackBerry Assistant to send messages, place calls and more. Learn more

Adjustable fonts – Adjust your font settings with scalable fonts up to 18pt

Alerts and notifications – Customize your alerts and notifications using tone, vibrate, on-screen alerts or the LED indicator. Learn more

Key tone – Hear a confirming audio tone every time you press the trackpad or trackball on your smartphone.

Audible Click – Hear a confirming audio tone every time you navigate using the trackpad or trackball on your smartphone.

Event Sounds – Know when your smartphone battery is low or fully charged, and when physically connected to accessories without needing to look at your device screen through non-speech audio alerts.

Assignable Ringtones – Know who is calling you or sending you an email without needing to look at the screen on your smartphone by assigning unique ringtones to your Contacts.

Speed dial – Add a number to your speed dial list to call your contacts with fewer keystrokes. Learn more

Built-In Speakerphone – Perfect for hands-free calls and convenient conference calls.

Tactilely Discernible Keyboards – Place phone calls, compose messages and enter text on familiar keyboards with keys you can feel1.

Identifiable Keyboard 'Nib' – Find the numeric keypad without looking at your smartphone1.

  1. 1

    Available on BlackBerry smartphones with physical keyboard.