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BlackBerry Product Names

When referencing a BlackBerry® accessory from the following list, at a minimum, include all appropriate trademark symbols at the first instance of the name in text (for example, at the first instance in a document).

First instance Subsequent instances Translation requirement
BlackBerry® .3M Micro-USB Cable BlackBerry .3M Micro-USB Cable
BlackBerry® 1M Micro-USB Cable BlackBerry 1M Micro-USB Cable
BlackBerry® 1.5M Micro-USB Cable BlackBerry 1.5M Micro-USB Cable
BlackBerry® Authentic Accessories BlackBerry Authentic Accessories
BlackBerry® Battery Door BlackBerry Battery Door
BlackBerry® Car Charger BlackBerry Car Charger
BlackBerry® Charger BlackBerry Charger
BlackBerry® Charging Bundle BlackBerry Charging Bundle
BlackBerry® Charging Pod BlackBerry Charging Pod
BlackBerry® Desktop Stand BlackBerry Desktop Stand
BlackBerry® Executive Bundle BlackBerry Executive Bundle
BlackBerry® Extra Battery BlackBerry Extra Battery
BlackBerry® Extra Battery Charger BlackBerry Extra Battery Charger
BlackBerry® Flip-Style Case BlackBerry Flip-Style Case
BlackBerry® GPS Receiver BlackBerry GPS Receiver
BlackBerry® Hard Shell BlackBerry Hard Shell
BlackBerry® Headset Case BlackBerry Headset Case
BlackBerry® Horizontal Holster BlackBerry Horizontal Holster
BlackBerry® HS-655+ Wireless Headset BlackBerry HS-655+ Wireless Headset, headset
BlackBerry® International Charger BlackBerry International Charger
BlackBerry® International Charger Clips BlackBerry International Charger Clips
BlackBerry® Leather Desktop Stand BlackBerry Leather Desktop Stand
BlackBerry® Leather Folio BlackBerry Leather Folio
BlackBerry® Leather Horizontal Holster BlackBerry Leather Horizontal Holster
BlackBerry® Leather Pocket BlackBerry Leather Pocket
BlackBerry® Leather Pull Strap BlackBerry Leather Pull Strap
BlackBerry® Leather Swivel Holster BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster
BlackBerry® Leather Tote BlackBerry Leather Tote
BlackBerry® Micro-USB Cable BlackBerry Micro-USB Cable
BlackBerry® Micro-USB to Mini-USB Adapter BlackBerry Micro-USB to Mini-USB Adapter Translate "to."
BlackBerry® Mini Keyboard BlackBerry Mini Keyboard
BlackBerry® Mini-USB Cable BlackBerry Mini-USB Cable
BlackBerry® Mini-USB International Charger BlackBerry Mini-USB International Charger
BlackBerry® Mini-USB to Micro-USB Adapter BlackBerry Mini-USB to Micro-USB Adapter Translate "to."
BlackBerry® Mono Headset BlackBerry Mono Headset
BlackBerry® Multimedia Headset BlackBerry Multimedia Headset
BlackBerry® Music Bundle BlackBerry Music Bundle
BlackBerry® Music Gateway BlackBerry Music Gateway
BlackBerry® Patterned Skin BlackBerry Patterned Skin
BlackBerry® Plastic Swivel Holster BlackBerry Plastic Swivel Holster
BlackBerry® Pocket BlackBerry Pocket
BlackBerry® Polishing Cloth BlackBerry Polishing Cloth
BlackBerry® Power Bundle BlackBerry Power Bundle
BlackBerry® Power Station BlackBerry Power Station
BlackBerry® Power Station - Cradle Only BlackBerry Power Station - Cradle Only
BlackBerry® Premium Bundle BlackBerry Premium Bundle
BlackBerry® Premium Charger BlackBerry Premium Charger
BlackBerry® Premium Horizontal Holster BlackBerry Premium Horizontal Holster
BlackBerry® Premium International Charger BlackBerry Premium International Charger
BlackBerry® Premium Leather Folio BlackBerry Premium Leather Folio
BlackBerry® Premium Mono Headset BlackBerry Premium Mono Headset
BlackBerry® Premium Pocket BlackBerry Premium Pocket
BlackBerry® Premium Stereo Headset BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset
BlackBerry® Premium Swivel Holster BlackBerry Premium Swivel Holster
BlackBerry® Presenter BlackBerry Presenter
BlackBerry® Rapid Charger BlackBerry Rapid Charger
BlackBerry® Rugged Holster BlackBerry Rugged Holster
BlackBerry® Screen Protector BlackBerry Screen Protector
BlackBerry® Skin BlackBerry Skin
BlackBerry® Skins Bundle BlackBerry Skins Bundle
BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader BlackBerry Smart Card Reader
BlackBerry® Sound-Isolating Headset - 3.5mm BlackBerry Sound-Isolating Headset - 3.5mm
BlackBerry® Sport Holster BlackBerry Sport Holster
BlackBerry® Starter Bundle BlackBerry Starter Bundle
BlackBerry® Stereo Headset - 3.5mm BlackBerry Stereo Headset - 3.5mm
BlackBerry® Stereo Headset Adapter BlackBerry Stereo Headset Adapter
BlackBerry® Swivel Holster BlackBerry Swivel Holster
BlackBerry® Sync Pod BlackBerry Sync Pod
BlackBerry® Thick Skin BlackBerry Thick Skin
BlackBerry® Tote BlackBerry Tote
BlackBerry® Ultimate Bundle BlackBerry Ultimate Bundle
BlackBerry® Universal Headset HS-250 BlackBerry Universal Headset HS-250, headset
BlackBerry® Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605 BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605, speakerphone
BlackBerry® Wireless Headset HS-500 BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-500, headset
BlackBerry® Wireless Headset HS-700 BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700, headset
BlackBerry® Wrist Strap BlackBerry Wrist Strap