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BlackBerry Product Names

When referencing a BlackBerry® product from the following list, at a minimum, include all appropriate trademark symbols at the first instance of the name in text (for example, at the first instance in a document).

First instance Subsequent instances Translation requirement
Active Frames Active Frames Translate "Active Frames."
BBM™ Groups BBM Groups
BBM™ Money BBM Money
BBM™ Music BBM Music
BBM™ Social Platform BBM™ Social Platform
BBM™ Video BBM Video
BBM™ Video with Screen Share BBM Video with Screen Share, BBM Video Translate "Screen Share."
BBM™ Voice BBM Voice
BlackBerry® 101 tutorial BlackBerry 101 tutorial Translate "tutorial."
BlackBerry® 6 BlackBerry 6
BlackBerry® 7 BlackBerry 7
BlackBerry® 10 BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry® 10 Developer Tools BlackBerry 10 Developer Tools, developer tools
BlackBerry® 10 Device Simulator BlackBerry 10 Device Simulator
BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK, Native SDK
BlackBerry® 10 OS BlackBerry 10 OS, OS
BlackBerry® 10 WebWorks™ SDK BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK
BlackBerry® Administration API BlackBerry Administration API
BlackBerry® Alliance Member BlackBerry Alliance Member
BlackBerry® Answers BlackBerry Answers
BlackBerry® App Generator BlackBerry App Generator
BlackBerry App World™ storefront BlackBerry App World Translate "storefront."
BlackBerry® Application Platform BlackBerry Application Platform
BlackBerry® Balance™ technology BlackBerry Balance Translate "technology."
BlackBerry® Beta Zone BlackBerry Beta Zone
BlackBerry® Bridge™ app BlackBerry Bridge app, BlackBerry Bridge Translate "app." If a language doesn't have a translated term for "app," provide the translation for "application" instead.
BlackBerry® Browser BlackBerry Browser Translate "Browser."
BlackBerry® Browser Development Tools BlackBerry Browser Development Tools
BlackBerry® Business Solutions BlackBerry Business Solutions
BlackBerry® Business Cloud Services BlackBerry Business Cloud Services
BlackBerry® Calendar BlackBerry Calendar, Calendar Translate "Calendar."
Translate "Calendar."
BlackBerry® Certification Program
BlackBerry Certification Program
BlackBerry® Certified Application Developer BlackBerry Certified Application Developer
BlackBerry® Client Access License BlackBerry Client Access License, BlackBerry CAL
BlackBerry® Commerce BlackBerry Commerce
BlackBerry® Community Post BlackBerry Community Post
BlackBerry® Concierge™ app BlackBerry Concierge app, BlackBerry Concierge Translate "app." If a language doesn't have a translated term for "app," provide the translation for "application" instead.
BlackBerry Connection® newsletter BlackBerry Connection newsletter, BlackBerry Connection Translate "newsletter."
BlackBerry® Connector Development Kit BlackBerry Connector Development Kit
BlackBerry® Connector Messaging Interface BlackBerry Connector Messaging Interface
BlackBerry® Corporate Developer Support Package BlackBerry Corporate Developer Support Package
BlackBerry® Curriculum BlackBerry Curriculum
BlackBerry® Desktop Manager BlackBerry Desktop Manager
BlackBerry® Desktop Redirector BlackBerry Desktop Redirector
BlackBerry® Desktop Software BlackBerry Desktop Software
BlackBerry® Desktop Software with S/MIME support BlackBerry Desktop Software with S/MIME support Translate "with" and "support."
BlackBerry® Developer Zone BlackBerry Developer Zone
BlackBerry® Device Manager BlackBerry Device Manager
BlackBerry® Device Service BlackBerry Device Service
BlackBerry® Device Software BlackBerry Device Software
BlackBerry® Education Services BlackBerry Education Services
BlackBerry® Email and MDS Services Simulator Package BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulator Package
BlackBerry® End-user Training BlackBerry End-user Training
BlackBerry® Enterprise License Program BlackBerry Enterprise License Program
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server BlackBerry Enterprise Server
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Advanced Administrator Training BlackBerry Enterprise Server Advanced Administrator Training
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for MDS Applications BlackBerry Enterprise Server for MDS Applications Translate "for."
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Voice Services BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Voice Services Translate "for."
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Resource Kit BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit
BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Trade-Up Key BlackBerry Enterprise Server Trade-Up Key
BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
BlackBerry® Enterprise Support Basic BlackBerry Enterprise Support Basic Translate "Basic."
BlackBerry® Enterprise Support Advanced BlackBerry Enterprise Support Advanced Translate "Advanced."
BlackBerry® Enterprise Support Premium BlackBerry® Enterprise Support Premium Translate "Premium."
BlackBerry® Expert Center BlackBerry Expert Center
BlackBerry® Expert Program BlackBerry Expert Program
BlackBerry® Expert Support Center BlackBerry Expert Support Center
BlackBerry® Expert User BlackBerry Expert User
BlackBerry® Flow BlackBerry Flow, Flow
BlackBerry® Groups BlackBerry Groups
BlackBerry® Hub BlackBerry Hub
BlackBerry® ID BlackBerry ID
BlackBerry® Infrastructure BlackBerry Infrastructure
BlackBerry® Integrated Development Environment BlackBerry Integrated Development Environment
BlackBerry® Internet Service BlackBerry Internet Service
BlackBerry® Jam Riffs BlackBerry Jam Riffs
BlackBerry® Keyboard BlackBerry Keyboard, keyboard Translate "Keyboard."
BlackBerry® Link BlackBerry Link
BlackBerry® Live™ conference BlackBerry Live Translate "conference."
BlackBerry® Mail BlackBerry Mail
BlackBerry® Mail Connector BlackBerry Mail Connector
BlackBerry® Management Center BlackBerry Management Center
BlackBerry® Management Studio BlackBerry Management Studio Translate "Management Studio."
BlackBerry® Maps BlackBerry Maps, Maps Translate "Maps."
BlackBerry® MDS Control Center BlackBerry MDS Control Center
BlackBerry® MDS Runtime BlackBerry MDS Runtime
BlackBerry® MDS Simulator BlackBerry MDS Simulator
BlackBerry® MDS Studio BlackBerry MDS Studio
BlackBerry® Media Sync BlackBerry Media Sync
BlackBerry® Messenger BlackBerry Messenger, BBM™, BBM
BlackBerry® Messenger SDK BlackBerry® Messenger SDK
BlackBerry Messenger SDK, BBM™ SDK, BBM SDK
BlackBerry® Migration Planning Services BlackBerry Migration Planning Services
BlackBerry® Mobile Conferencing app BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app Translate "app." If a language doesn't have a translated term for "app," provide the translation for "application" instead.
BlackBerry® Mobile Data System BlackBerry MDS
BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion BlackBerry Mobile Fusion
BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System BlackBerry MVS
BlackBerry® Native SDK for Tablet OS BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS Translate "for."
BlackBerry® News app BlackBerry News app Translate "app." If a language doesn't have a translated term for "app," provide the translation for "application" instead.
BlackBerry® Newsstand BlackBerry Newsstand, Newsstand Translate "Newsstand."
Reference Guid
BlackBerry® Partners Fund BlackBerry Partners Fund
BlackBerry® Partner Support Center BlackBerry Partner Support Center
BlackBerry® Partner Support Per Incident BlackBerry Partner Support Per Incident Translate "Per Incident."
BlackBerry® Partner Support Tier 2 BlackBerry Partner Support Tier 2 Translate "Tier 2."
BlackBerry® Partner Support Tier 3 BlackBerry Partner Support Tier 3 Translate "Tier 3."
BlackBerry® Performance Engineering Resource Kit BlackBerry Performance Engineering Resource Kit
BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS PlayBook OS
BlackBerry® Podcasts BlackBerry Podcasts
BlackBerry® Prepaid BlackBerry Prepaid
BlackBerry® Professional Services BlackBerry Professional Services
BlackBerry® Professional Software BlackBerry Professional Software
BlackBerry® Professional Software Express BlackBerry Professional Software Express
BlackBerry® Protect™ BlackBerry Protect
BlackBerry® Provisioning System BlackBerry Provisioning System
BlackBerry® Quarterly – Asia Pacific BlackBerry Quarterly – Asia Pacific
BlackBerry® Radio BlackBerry Radio
BlackBerry® Remember BlackBerry Remember, Remember
BlackBerry® Resource Kit BlackBerry Resource Kit
BlackBerry® Retail Sales Expert BlackBerry Retail Sales Expert
BlackBerry® Safeguard BlackBerry Safeguard
BlackBerry® Sales Expert BlackBerry Sales Expert
BlackBerry® Screen Reader BlackBerry Screen Reader
BlackBerry® Secure Connect BlackBerry Secure Connect
BlackBerry® Security Summit BlackBerry Security Summit
BlackBerry® Signing Authority Tool BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool
BlackBerry® Social Networking Application Proxy BlackBerry Social Networking Application Proxy
BlackBerry® Software Logging Tool BlackBerry Software Logging Tool
BlackBerry® Solution Services BlackBerry Solution Services
BlackBerry solutions same Translate "solutions."
BlackBerry® Solve BlackBerry Solve
BlackBerry® Story Maker BlackBerry Story Maker
BlackBerry® Tablet OS BlackBerry Tablet OS
BlackBerry® Tag BlackBerry Tag,Tag
BlackBerry® Technical Support Services BlackBerry Technical Support Services
BlackBerry® Technical Support Services for Enterprise BlackBerry Technical Support Services for Enterprise
BlackBerry® Technical Support Services for Small and Medium Business BlackBerry Technical Support Services for Small and Medium Business
BlackBerry® Theme Studio BlackBerry Theme Studio
BlackBerry® Traffic™ app BlackBerry Traffic app, BlackBerry Traffic Translate "app." If a language doesn't have a translated term for "app," provide the translation for "application" instead.
BlackBerry® Training BlackBerry Training
BlackBerry® Travel™ app BlackBerry Travel app, BlackBerry Travel Translate "app." If a language doesn't have a translated term for "app," provide the translation for "application" instead.
BlackBerry® Unite!™ software
BlackBerry Unite! software Translate "software."
BlackBerry® User Tools CD BlackBerry User Tools CD
BlackBerry® Virtual Expert BlackBerry Virtual Expert
BlackBerry® Wallet BlackBerry Wallet
BlackBerry® Web Component Package BlackBerry Web Component Package
BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager
BlackBerry® Web Plug-in BlackBerry Web Plug-in
BlackBerry® WebWorks™ application BlackBerry WebWorks application
BlackBerry® WebWorks™ Packager BlackBerry WebWorks Packager
BlackBerry® WebWorks™ Plug-in BlackBerry WebWorks Plug-in
BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK BlackBerry WebWorks SDK
BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK for Tablet OS BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS Translate "for."
BlackBerry wireless solutions same Translate "wireless solutions."
BlackBerry® Work Drives BlackBerry Work Drives
BlackBerry® Workflow Mobilization BlackBerry Workflow Mobilization
BlackBerry® World™ for Work BlackBerry World for Work Translate "for Work."
BlackBerry® World™ storefront BlackBerry® World™ Translate "storefront."
Clarity theme for BlackBerry® smartphones Clarity theme for BlackBerry smartphones, Clarity theme for BlackBerry devices, Clarity themes for BlackBerry phones Translate "theme," "for," "smartphones," "devices," and "phones."
Customer Hosted Online BlackBerry® Training Customer Hosted Online BlackBerry Training
Documents To Go™ app Documents To Go
Hosted BlackBerry® services Hosted BlackBerry services Translate "services."
Liquid Graphics™ technology Liquid Graphics technology Translate "technology."
Online BlackBerry® Training Online BlackBerry Training
PDF To Go® app PDF To Go
Play on Play on Translate "Play on."
Print To Go Print To Go
Proactive BlackBerry® Services Proactive BlackBerry Services
Screen Share Screen Share Translate "Screen Share."
Sheet To Go® app Sheet To Go
Slideshow To Go® app Slideshow To Go™
S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry® smartphones S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry smartphones, S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry devices, S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry phones Translate "for" and "smartphones," "devices," or "phones."
Time Shift mode Time Shift mode Translate "mode."
Virtual BlackBerry® Training Virtual BlackBerry Training
Voice Control Voice Control Translate "Voice Control."
Word To Go Word To Go