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BlackBerry Legal Entity Name Change

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On July 9, 2013, the shareholders of BlackBerry approved a motion to change the legal name of the company from Research In Motion Limited to BlackBerry Limited. Similar changes are being made to BlackBerry Limited's "Research In Motion" subsidiaries around world. To see a list of all subsidiary names to be changed and the effective date of such change, please see the table below. The change of name does not affect any of the rights or obligations under the agreements or other documents listed on this website ("Documents"). As of the effective date of the applicable name change, references to the former company name in any of the Documents are deemed to be references to the applicable "BlackBerry" company name.

Country Former Company Name New Company Name Status
Canada Research In Motion Limited BlackBerry Limited Completed
July 9, 2013
Country Current Research In Motion Subsidiary Name Anticipated BlackBerry Subsidiary Name Status
Argentina Research In Motion Argentina S.A. BlackBerry Argentina S.A. Completed
September 25, 2013
Australia Research In Motion Australia Pty Limited BlackBerry Australia Pty Limited Completed
July 16, 2013
Austria Research In Motion Austria GmbH BlackBerry Austria GmbH Completed
August 7, 2013
Belgium Research In Motion Belgium BVBA BlackBerry Belgium BVBA Completed
July 10, 2013
Brazil Research In Motion Serviços de Suporte de Vendas do Brazil Ltda. BlackBerry Serviços de Suporte de Vendas do Brazil Ltda. Completed
August 8, 2013
Canada Research In Motion E-Commerce Inc. BlackBerry Commerce Inc. Completed
July 12, 2013
Chile Research In Motion Comercial Chile Limitada BlackBerry Comercial Chile Limitada Completed
October 16, 2013
China RIM Mobile Sci&Tech (China) Co., Ltd. BlackBerry Sci&Tech (China) Co., Ltd. Pending
Colombia Research In Motion Colombia Ltda. BlackBerry Colombia Ltda. Completed
August 29, 2013
Czech Republic Research In Motion Czech Republic s.r.o. BlackBerry Czech Republic s.r.o. Completed
August 14, 2013
France Research In Motion France S.A.S. BlackBerry France S.A.S. Completed
July 26, 2013
Germany Research In Motion Deutschland GmbH BlackBerry Deutschland GmbH Completed
August 2, 2013
Hong Kong Research In Motion HK Limited BlackBerry HK Limited Pending
Hungary Research In Motion Trading Hungary Limited Liability Company BlackBerry Hungary Limited Liability Company Completed
July 10, 2013
India Research In Motion India Private Limited BlackBerry India Private Limited Completed
August 30, 2013
Indonesia PT Research In Motion Indonesia PT BlackBerry Indonesia August 22, 2013
Italy Research In Motion Italy, S.r.L. BlackBerry Italy, S.r.L. Pending
Kenya Research In Motion Kenya Limited BlackBerry Kenya Limited Pending
Luxembourg Research In Motion E-Commerce S. à .rl. BlackBerry Commerce S. à .rl. Completed
July 10, 2013
Malaysia Research In Motion Malaysia SDN. BHD. BlackBerry Malaysia SDN. BHD. Completed
October 9, 2013
Mexico Research In Motion Mexico, S.A. de C.V. BlackBerry Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Completed
August 23, 2013
Netherlands Research In Motion Netherlands B.V. BlackBerry Netherlands B.V. Completed
August 20, 2013
Nigeria Research In Motion Nigeria Limited BlackBerry Technologies Nigeria Limited Completed
August 12, 2013
Poland Research In Motion Poland Sp. Z.o.o. BlackBerry Poland Sp. Z o.o. Completed
August 1, 2013
Russian Federation Research In Motion CIS LLC BlackBerry CIS LLC Pending
Saudi Arabia Research In Motion Saudi Arabia LLC BlackBerry Saudi Arabia LLC Pending
Singapore Research In Motion Singapore Pte. Limited BlackBerry Singapore Pte. Limited Completed
July 11, 2013
South Africa Research In Motion South Africa (Proprietary) Limited BlackBerry Mobile South Africa (Proprietary) Limited
December 11, 2013
Spain Research In Motion Spain, S.L. BlackBerry Spain, S.L. Pending
Sweden Research In Motion TAT AB BlackBerry Sweden AB Completed
August 15, 2013
Switzerland Research In Motion Switzerland AG BlackBerry Switzerland AG Completed
August 20, 2013
Turkey Research In Motion Bilgisayar Destek Hizmet Limited Sirketi BlackBerry Bilgisayar Destek Hizmet Limited Sirketi Pending
United Arab Emirates Research In Motion Middle East & Africa FZ LLC BlackBerry Middle East & Africa FZ LLC Pending
United Kingdom Research In Motion UK Limited BlackBerry UK Limited Completed
July 18, 2013
United States

Research In Motion Corporation

Research In Motion E-Commerce Corporation

Research In Motion RF, Inc. (f.k.a. Paratek)

BlackBerry Corporation

BlackBerry Commerce Corporation

BlackBerry RF, Inc.

July 10, 2013

July 18, 2013

July 18, 2013