BlackBerry Branding Guidelines: For Licensed Users Only

1. Terms of Your Trademark License

These BlackBerry® Branding Guidelines (“Guidelines”) apply to licensed carriers, distributors, retailers and others licensed to use the trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos or imagery (collectively the “RIM Marks”) of Research In Motion® (RIM). The license agreement you signed with RIM® is limited to specific products or services. Generally, your license to use the RIM Marks will be in association with the sale of the BlackBerry smartphone and/or tablet. These Guidelines apply to the use of the RIM Marks for both the smartphone and the tablet.

The RIM Marks comprise of two groups: the RIM word marks (see sections 2-3 below) and the RIM logos (see section 4 below). You are only entitled to use the RIM logos if your agreement expressly grants that right. If a trademark license is not included in your agreement with RIM, you are prohibited from using the RIM logos without the express written permission of an authorized representative of RIM Marketing Communications. Under the Public Guidelines for Use of RIM Trademarks, however, found at, you may use the RIM word marks and Product Imagery (see section 5 below) as directed.

As a licensed user, you are required to comply with these Guidelines. These Guidelines apply to all materials and communications by any media ("materials") where RIM Marks (word marks and logos) are used. You must ensure that all personnel responsible for producing such materials adhere to these Guidelines.

All materials using a RIM Mark must be reviewed and approved prior to release by RIM Brand Communications. Ensure a minimum of five (5) business days for the review process to occur. Please submit all materials and direct any questions about use of the RIM Marks to RIM Brand Communications (

For a copy of these guidelines email, visit Partner Guidelines (, or visit BlackBerry Universe (


BlackBerry Branding Guidelines: For Licensed Users Only

2. RIM Word Marks

RIM Marks that appear on the following list are registered or pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other countries.

BlackBerry® BlackBerry® Storm2™
BlackBerry App World™ BlackBerry® Style™
BlackBerry® Bold™ BlackBerry® Torch™
BlackBerry® Built-In™ BlackBerry® Tour™
BlackBerry® Connect™ BlackBerry® Unite!™
BlackBerry Connection® BlackBerry® WebWorks™
BlackBerry® Curve™ BlackBerry® World™
BlackBerry® Pearl™ MyBlackBerry™
BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Research In Motion®
BlackBerry® Storm™ RIM®

A list of RIM Marks can be found at:

The absence of a RIM Mark from this list does not mean that RIM does not use the mark, that the mark is not a registered trademark of RIM or that the BlackBerry product or service is not actively marketed or is not significant within its relevant market.

BlackBerry Branding Guidelines: For Licensed Users Only

3. BlackBerry Trademark Rules

You may only use the RIM Marks if you have obtained prior approval from RIM Marketing Communications pursuant to section 1 and your use complies with these Guidelines and any agreements you have with RIM.

  1. You should always use the RIM Trademark as an adjective and not as a noun or verb.
Acceptable Unacceptable
BlackBerry® smartphone The BlackBerry is…
I will respond to your email using my BlackBerry® smartphone. I will BlackBerry you.


  1. The trademark should be followed by the appropriate generic term for the product (i.e. smartphone/device/tablet) or service. Refer to the BlackBerry Naming System at for the appropriate generic term to use with the RIM Marks, including:
    • BlackBerry smartphones
    • BlackBerry PlayBook tablets
    • BlackBerry devices
    • BlackBerry products
    • BlackBerry product components
    • BlackBerry enabled device products
    • BlackBerry accessories
  2. Do not use the RIM Marks in plural or possessive form.
Acceptable Unacceptable
BlackBerry® smartphones
BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets


  1. The RIM Marks may not be included in any non-RIM trade name, business name, domain name, product or service name, logo, trade dress, design, slogan or other trademark. Your licensed use of the RIM Marks does not permit your use of any word or words that are confusingly similar or identical to a RIM Mark.
Acceptable Unacceptable
Acme Instant Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones AcmeBerry Instant Messenger
Acme Messaging Inc. Acme BlackBerry Messaging Inc.


  1. Use the proper symbol for the RIM Marks. Always capitalize the product brand name and designate the trademark with the appropriate ™ or ® symbol as shown in these Rules.
Acceptable Unacceptable
BlackBerry® BlackBerry™
BlackBerry® Pearl™ BlackBerry Pearl®


  1. Your company’s name, logo or trademark must appear on any materials where the RIM Marks are used, and must be larger and more prominent than the RIM Marks.
  2. The RIM Marks may not be used in any manner that expresses or implies RIM’s affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification or approval other than as permitted by your trademark license from RIM.
  3. You may not use the RIM Marks in association with your trademarks or any third party trademarks in a way that creates potential confusion as to ownership of the RIM Marks.
Acceptable Unacceptable
[Your Product/Service Name] for use with BlackBerry® smartphones BlackBerry™ [Your Product/Service Name]
[Your Product/Service Name] works with BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets BlackBerry’s [Your Product/Service Name]
[Your Product/Service Name] for the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution [Your Product/Service Name]berry
[Your Product/Service Name] for the BlackBerry® wireless solution [Your Product/Service Name] BlackBerry


  1. Use a Notice of Ownership and Disclaimer. In all materials where RIM Marks are used the following trademark notice must be prominently displayed:

BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. Used under license from Research In Motion Limited.

BlackBerry Branding Guidelines: For Licensed Users Only

4. The BlackBerry Logos

The use of BlackBerry logos is limited to licensed users and must meet the standards set out in your agreement with RIM and these guidelines.

The primary BlackBerry logo comprises two elements - the BlackBerry emblem and the BlackBerry word design. The logo should always appear with both elements in the correct position and in the correct proportion. The standard logo can be used in black or white.

Standard Logo


In addition to the standard BlackBerry logo, some specific product logos have been developed. These incorporate a product name with the standard BlackBerry logo. The BlackBerry Pearl logo shown below is an example of a product logo.

Preferred Product Logo


Alternate Product Logo


Additional BlackBerry logos can be found at:

All BlackBerry logos are unique pieces of artwork. The proportion and arrangement have been specifically determined. The BlackBerry logos should never be typeset, recreated or altered, which could cause inconsistencies that dilute the impact of the brand's power.

To maintain consistent use and ensure the integrity of the logos, use only approved electronic art files, available from the RIM Brand team ( or from BlackBerry Universe (

4.1 Clear Space

The minimum clear space for most BlackBerry logos is defined by the height of the "B" in the word. The minimum clear space for the alternate vertical logo is twice the height of "B." These minimum spaces should be maintained as the logo is proportionally enlarged or reduced in size.


4.2 Minimum Size

The minimum size of the logo for print is determined by the width of the BlackBerry word, which should not be reproduced in a size smaller than indicated below.


4.3 Logo Color Variations

The standard logo can be produced in black, blue or white. Use the color which provides the maximum amount of contrast between the logo and the background.
Specific color values when reproducing the logo in blue are shown below.
White is the preferred background on which to reproduce the color logo. If reproduction on white is not possible, the logo should be reproduced as a full-reverse in white out of a color background.
When the BlackBerry logo is placed on a photographic image, the image behind the logo must be light enough to provide contrast for the positive logo or dark enough to provide contrast for the reverse logo.


4.4 Logo Use

All materials that reference BlackBerry products and services must display a BlackBerry logo. For materials that only feature a specific BlackBerry product, the appropriate product logo must be used. (The standard BlackBerry logo can also be displayed.). For specific size requirements please see below.
All co-branded BlackBerry materials must display a BlackBerry logo at a comparable size to (approx. 75%), and frequency of, the Partner's logo. However, if the word “BlackBerry” is prominently displayed in the main headline or on a BlackBerry smartphone image, the BlackBerry logo can appear at a minimum of 50% of the size of the Partner's logo.

4.5 Logo Misuse

To ensure accurate, consistent reproduction of the BlackBerry logo, never alter, add to, or attempt to recreate it. Always use the approved digital artwork, available from RIM Brand Communications or from BlackBerry Universe (
The examples of logo misuse below are not comprehensive; they are only a small sample of possible misuses of the BlackBerry logo.


Don't typeset the logo
or create as text


Don't distort the logo


Don't change the proportions of
logo elements


Don't remove the
registered mark


Don't use values of
approved colors


Don't use colors other than
the specified color variations


Don't allow the logo to fade
into the background


Don't combine the logo with text

BlackBerry Branding Guidelines: For Licensed Users Only

5. Product Imagery

Product imagery must be displayed accurately and consistently. Any alteration of the BlackBerry smartphone or tablet image by deleting the logos, changing the screen display or altering the appearance of the smartphone or tablet image in any respect is prohibited.  Additionally, graphic images may not be superimposed on the screen of a BlackBerry device unless they can actually be reproduced on that device.  Other than permissible images on the screen of a device, no object, including your name, product or service name, or logo may be superimposed upon any image of a BlackBerry device.  Shown below are examples of acceptable ways to show the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry tablet. Please use only approved images of smartphones and tablets, available by request at


Show the whole product.


Show the product in color
and the angled options.


Use a drop shadow and/or
reflection with the image.

5.1 Product Imagery Misuse

When using images of the BlackBerry smartphone or tablet, reproduction must be of the highest quality possible. Sample misuses are shown below.


Don't distort the image.


Don't alter, omit or cover the BlackBerry
logo on the smartphone or tablet.