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BlackBerry Branding Guidelines: For Licensed Users Only

5. Product Imagery

Product imagery must be displayed accurately and consistently. Any alteration of the BlackBerry smartphone or tablet image by deleting the logos, changing the screen display or altering the appearance of the smartphone or tablet image in any respect is prohibited.  Additionally, graphic images may not be superimposed on the screen of a BlackBerry device unless they can actually be reproduced on that device.  Other than permissible images on the screen of a device, no object, including your name, product or service name, or logo may be superimposed upon any image of a BlackBerry device.  Shown below are examples of acceptable ways to show the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry tablet. Please use only approved images of smartphones and tablets, available by request at


Show the whole product.


Show the product in color
and the angled options.


Use a drop shadow and/or
reflection with the image.

5.1 Product Imagery Misuse

When using images of the BlackBerry smartphone or tablet, reproduction must be of the highest quality possible. Sample misuses are shown below.


Don't distort the image.


Don't alter, omit or cover the BlackBerry
logo on the smartphone or tablet.