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BlackBerry Branding Guidelines: For Licensed Users Only

4. The BlackBerry Logos

The use of BlackBerry logos is limited to licensed users and must meet the standards set out in your agreement with RIM and these guidelines.

The primary BlackBerry logo comprises two elements - the BlackBerry emblem and the BlackBerry word design. The logo should always appear with both elements in the correct position and in the correct proportion. The standard logo can be used in black or white.

Standard Logo


In addition to the standard BlackBerry logo, some specific product logos have been developed. These incorporate a product name with the standard BlackBerry logo. The BlackBerry Pearl logo shown below is an example of a product logo.

Preferred Product Logo

Alternate Product Logo


Additional BlackBerry logos can be found at:

All BlackBerry logos are unique pieces of artwork. The proportion and arrangement have been specifically determined. The BlackBerry logos should never be typeset, recreated or altered, which could cause inconsistencies that dilute the impact of the brand's power.

To maintain consistent use and ensure the integrity of the logos, use only approved electronic art files, available from the RIM Brand team ( or from BlackBerry Universe (

4.1 Clear Space

The minimum clear space for most BlackBerry logos is defined by the height of the "B" in the word. The minimum clear space for the alternate vertical logo is twice the height of "B." These minimum spaces should be maintained as the logo is proportionally enlarged or reduced in size.


4.2 Minimum Size

The minimum size of the logo for print is determined by the width of the BlackBerry word, which should not be reproduced in a size smaller than indicated below.


4.3 Logo Color Variations

The standard logo can be produced in black, blue or white. Use the color which provides the maximum amount of contrast between the logo and the background.
Specific color values when reproducing the logo in blue are shown below.
White is the preferred background on which to reproduce the color logo. If reproduction on white is not possible, the logo should be reproduced as a full-reverse in white out of a color background.
When the BlackBerry logo is placed on a photographic image, the image behind the logo must be light enough to provide contrast for the positive logo or dark enough to provide contrast for the reverse logo.


4.4 Logo Use

All materials that reference BlackBerry products and services must display a BlackBerry logo. For materials that only feature a specific BlackBerry product, the appropriate product logo must be used. (The standard BlackBerry logo can also be displayed.). For specific size requirements please see below.
All co-branded BlackBerry materials must display a BlackBerry logo at a comparable size to (approx. 75%), and frequency of, the Partner's logo. However, if the word “BlackBerry” is prominently displayed in the main headline or on a BlackBerry smartphone image, the BlackBerry logo can appear at a minimum of 50% of the size of the Partner's logo.

4.5 Logo Misuse

To ensure accurate, consistent reproduction of the BlackBerry logo, never alter, add to, or attempt to recreate it. Always use the approved digital artwork, available from RIM Brand Communications or from BlackBerry Universe (
The examples of logo misuse below are not comprehensive; they are only a small sample of possible misuses of the BlackBerry logo.


Don't typeset the logo
or create as text


Don't distort the logo


Don't change the proportions of logo elements


Don't remove the
registered mark


Don't use values of
approved colors


Don't use colors other than
the specified color variations


Don't allow the logo to fade
into the background


Don't combine the logo with text