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Partner Guidelines

Partner Guidelines

RIM values its many relationships with licenced partners, such as carriers and distribution partners who market BlackBerry smartphones as part of their mainstream consumer offerings as well as Alliance Partners who launch hundreds of software applications and solutions for the BlackBerry Platform(together the “partners”). RIM has given limited permission to its partners to use the RIM Trademarks and Logos, thereby increasing visibility among BlackBerry® smartphone users and wireless carriers and depth in their customer base.

RIM will partner with companies which have established distribution channels and high customer satisfaction with a proven product/service which adds performance and functionality to the BlackBerry® smartphone experience. See the Alliance Program for more details.

Branding Guidelines for Partners (PDF) (April 2011) are published for partners who have an agreement with RIM, permitting the use of RIM Trademarks. Partners are generally permitted to use both the word marks listed on the RIM Trademark List as well as RIM Logos & Imagery.

If you are a partner, your licence sets out the terms and conditions under which you are permitted to use the RIM Trademarks. One condition of your licence is compliance with the BlackBerry Branding Guidelines. The current version can be found at the Branding Guidelines for Partners or can be downloaded below.

Download Branding Guidelines for Partners (PDF).