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Trademarks and Logo List

RIM Trademark and Logo List

The following sets out some of the word marks and logos of Research In Motion Limited (RIM). The Trademark Status column indicates the status of the trademark in the United States (® indicates a registered trademark; ™ indicates a trademark). The marks listed as registered ® may also be registered in other countries. The status of RIM word marks and logos may change and thus this information will be updated from time to time. The absence of a trademark from the list below does not constitute a waiver of any rights RIM may have in any of its trademarks, product names, service names, logos, and/or product series numbers. RIM reserves the right to object to any unauthorized, unfair, improper and/or infringing use of its trademarks, logos, product names, service names, and/or product series numbers; whether or not expressly included in the list below.

Trademark Descriptive Term
BBM™ app, application
BlackBerry® device, smartphone, tablet BlackBerry®
BlackBerry® (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry and data flow® (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry App World™
BlackBerry App World™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® Balance™ technology
BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone
BlackBerry Bold™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® Bridge™ app, application
BlackBerry® Concierge™ app, application
BlackBerry® Connect™ software
BlackBerry Connect™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry Connection® newsletter
BlackBerry® Curve™ smartphone
BlackBerry Curve™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® Live™ conference
BlackBerry® Pearl™ smartphone
BlackBerry Pearl™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS, tablet
BlackBerry PlayBook™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® Protect™ app, application
BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone
BlackBerry Storm™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® Storm2™  smartphone
BlackBerry Storm2™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® Style™ smartphone
BlackBerry Style™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® Torch™ smartphone
BlackBerry Torch™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® Tour™ smartphone
BlackBerry Tour™ (logo) (not required)
BlackBerry® Traffic™ app, application
BlackBerry® Travel™ app, application
BlackBerry® Unite!™ software
BlackBerry® WebWorks™ app, application, SDK
BlackBerry® World™ storefront
Get a smarter smartphone™ (not required)
Liquid Graphics™ technology
Love what you do™ (not required)
MyBlackBerry™ (not required)
Research In Motion® company
RIM® company
RIM® (logo) (not required)
SurePress® touch screen
SureType® input method, technology