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Update the software
on your tablet

Updating to the latest BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS is free and easy, and happens over the air.

The best of BlackBerry comes built in


Quickly and easily manage both your email and social network messages with a unified inbox. Plus features for creating, editing and formatting messages—like inline editing and the ability to use bold, underlining and italics—offer an advanced email experience, making your PlayBook a powerful communication tool.


Manage your schedule and better prepare for more effective meetings with features like a People View of your day and newsreel that give you up to the minute information about the people and companies on your calendar.


The built-in Contacts app serves as a social hub offering information gathered from social networks like Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn® to help you create a complete profile of your contacts including recent status updates and mutual contacts.

Video Chat

A stunning display plus two HD video cameras and stereo speakers let you enjoy video chats between PlayBook tablets via Wi-Fi®. Plus with real multitasking, you can check movie times online while you chat with a friend or review a presentation while you chat with a colleague.

Messages app
Calendar app
Contacts app
Video Chat app

BlackBerry PlayBook
gets it done

Documents To Go

View and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files and attachments with this powerful mobile office suite. You can even plug your PlayBook in to a projector or TV using an HDMI connection to deliver impactful presentations while referencing speaker notes on the tablet’s display with presenter mode.

Print To Go

Print To Go eliminates the hassle of mountains of paper files by wirelessly printing from your laptop or PC directly to your PlayBook. View, sort and manage digital files like documents, memos or lists as though they were physical sheets of paper.

BlackBerry Balance technology

Keep your work and personal information separate and secure with BlackBerry® Balance™ technology on your PlayBook. BlackBerry Balance helps give you peace of mind that your privacy is respected while your sensitive work information is protected.

Documents To Go app
Print To Go app
Screen showing BlackBerry Balance technology

BlackBerry PlayBook
rocks apps

BlackBerry Video Store

Thousands of movies and TV shows are now available on demand to rent or buy. Watch new releases or download old favorites when you’re on the go. With a built-in HDMI connection you can easily plug your PlayBook in to your TV to enjoy videos at home too.

BlackBerry World

Access all your favorite apps and thousands more. Enjoy games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, social network on sites like Facebook and even read your favorite books from Kobo. The apps you want are there for you to discover in the BlackBerry® World™ storefront.

Music Store

Download music from the Music Store and take your favorite tunes on the go. With a huge catalog of songs, you’ll always have access to the latest hits.

Video Store screen
BlackBerry App World app
Music Store app
BlackBerry PlayBook – SAP Dashboards

Performance powerhouse

Beneath its polished surface, the PlayBook packs a blazing fast dual core processor, two HD 1080p video cameras and 1 GB of RAM for a high performance experience designed to be up to the task—whatever it may be.

BlackBerry PlayBook – spreadsheet

Highly secure and reliable

The PlayBook offers trusted BlackBerry security designed to keep personal and work data safe and protected. And the operating system is ultra-reliable, so you can feel confident your PlayBook is always ready to work.

BlackBerry Bridge – smartphone and tablet

Your BlackBerry devices go hand in hand

New BlackBerry® Bridge™ features let you view, respond to and compose text messages on your PlayBook with the BlackBerry Bridge app for text messaging1. You can also use your BlackBerry smartphone as a keyboard and mouse for your tablet.

BlackBerry PlayBook – multitasking

Real multitasking

Run apps simultaneously, rather than just switch between them. That means you can download music while you read a book, or video chat via Wi-Fi while you review a presentation.

How To Demo

Learn how to use the features of your PlayBook—the built-in Contacts, Calendar, Messages and Video Chat apps, and more.

BlackBerry PlayBook
Question mark icon


Learn about the 90-day Complimentary Technical Support included when you purchase a PlayBook, or get the support you need online.

BlackBerry PlayBook – BlackBerry World
BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World

Whether you’re interested in games, music, travel or being more productive, you’ll find your favorite apps and thousands more to fit your lifestyle in BlackBerry World.

  1. 1

    BlackBerry Bridge app for text messaging requires BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS v2.1 and BlackBerry Bridge app v2.1.

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