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BlackBerry Simulators

The use of BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Simulators and the BlackBerry® 10 simulator requires the installation of VMware Player on Windows or VMware Fusion on Mac.

BlackBerry 10 simulators

Use the BlackBerry 10 simulator to view, test and debug your application.

Download the latest release of the BlackBerry 10.2 Simulator for:


BlackBerry PlayBook Simulators

Use the BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator to view, test and debug your application.

Download BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator v2.1 for:

Warning: The simulators below are not compatible with VMWare Player 5.0. We are aware of the problem and will be releasing a fix as soon as one is available.

Download BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator v2.0 for:

Download BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator v1.0.8 for:


BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators

Use BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators to view and test how BlackBerry® Device Software and the screen, keyboard and trackpad/trackball/trackwheel will work with your application. With a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator, you can run and debug applications as if they were on an actual BlackBerry smartphone.


BlackBerry MDS Simulator

The BlackBerry® MDS Simulator is designed to simulate the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service component of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. When you use the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator with the BlackBerry MDS Simulator you can test network, push HTTP, and browser applications that are designed for use with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.