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  • Designed for you

    Exclusively designed by Porsche Design and BlackBerry®, the P'9982 from BlackBerry® is made from the finest quality stainless steel, with a satin finish complemented by a hand-wrapped, Italian leather back door. The iconic design is elegantly carried through to the intuitive BlackBerry® 10 operating system, giving you both a luxury and state-of-the-art experience.

    A BBM™ PIN that’s unique to P'9982 from BlackBerry users makes it instantly recognizable, setting you apart.

  • Focus on people and messages that matter

    Access all your messages with a single swipe. As the BlackBerry® 10 OS gets to know you and how you use your phone, the BlackBerry® Priority Hub curates a view of your most important messages so you can focus on what matters. You’ll even see all the attachments you’ve sent and received in one place.

  • Effortlessly responsive typing

    Type faster and more accurately on a touch screen keyboard that learns how you write. The BlackBerry® Keyboard provides an effortless typing experience with personalized next-word suggestions, which you can simply flick into your messages.

  • Get more out of every conversation

    Chat face-to-face with BBM™ Video2, and even share what’s on your screen, while enjoying better sound quality. BlackBerry® Natural Sound technology enables you to hear nuances and variations in tone, giving your BBM™ Voice3 and BBM™ Video calls a clearer, more natural quality.

  • Create perfect photos

    Capture your photo, then adjust the image to get that perfect moment. Time Shift mode captures milliseconds before and after your photo — so you can adjust elements to get the shot you want. Perfect for when you catch someone blinking or looking away. When you’re happy, share with the world in an instant.

  • Stay in the flow

    Connecting in BBM™ has never been easier. With BBM™ Now in any app, you can receive and respond to your BBM messages from within any app. Whether browsing the web or watching a video, you can always remain connected and responsive.

  • Rich, fast browsing

    Bring the web to life with the BlackBerry® Browser. Immerse yourself in all the Internet has to offer, from images to video, to games. Online reading is easier too, thanks to Reader mode—removing page clutter at the touch of a button.