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BlackBerry 10 OS

Manage your work and life faster and more easily than ever with the latest BlackBerry® 10 OS update.


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Upgrade your BlackBerry 10 OS to do more – more easily

Download version 10.2.1 now on the BlackBerry® smartphone you love and discover more ways to respond to calls, prioritize your communications and keep on top of battery usage so you can be more productive, and more in control.

The process is free and easy to do over a Wi-Fi® network.

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Key Features

A communications hub that sees the big picture

Email. BBM™. LinkedIn®‎. Twitter®.‎ With the BlackBerry®‎ Priority Hub, you’re always just one swipe away from your messages, alerts, calendar events and more – all in one place. And when you update to version 10.2.1, BlackBerry Priority Hub will get to know you and how you use your phone, curating a view of the most important emails, calls, instant messages and notifications. So you can stay organized, in control and mission-focused.

A keyboard that
takes the initiative

However you prefer to type, the BlackBerry®‎ Keyboard is a fast learner. It learns your individual writing style and adapts to it, making personalized next-word suggestions. So whether you’re flicking words on to your touchscreen or making steam come off your QWERTY keys, you won’t be the only one leading from the front.

A battery that puts in the hours

When you need your BlackBerry smartphone to put in a shift, it steps up to the plate. The new battery usage indicators and power monitoring options in BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 help you optimize power consumption to deliver the best possible performance. With up to 25 hours of battery life1, even when timings are tight and the weeks are punishing, your BlackBerry smartphone will always find an extra hour in the day.

A BBM experience that
keeps you in the loop

When the world seems intent on interrupting your flow, BlackBerry 10 has your back. With Instant Previews, you can preview incoming BBM, text and email messages from within any app so you never miss a beat. Just touch them to be taken directly to that message in the BlackBerry Hub, or respond to your BBM and text chats without leaving the app you are in. So whether you’re browsing the web or editing documents, you don’t have to leave what you’re doing to stay connected and responsive.

A browser that cuts to the chase

Browsing. Not the most dynamic of verbs. The BlackBerry® ‎Browser is less browser, more hunter-gatherer. Reader mode removes page clutter, letting you focus only on the text you want to read. Together with the best HTML5 mobile browsing experience, full Flash capability and unlimited tabs, you’ll be getting all of the signal, and none of the noise.

The BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 update lets you do more, more easily – so you can be more productive, more in control.

See BlackBerry 10 in action

See BlackBerry 10 OS in action - Scripts and styles

Apps & Media

Grow your power base

Apps to keep you productive. Reading material to keep you informed. And personalized recommendations to keep it tailored to you. BlackBerry®‎ World™ means you can expand your BlackBerry 10 device just as far as your influence.


Which one is best for you?



On-screen keyboard
5" touch display




On-screen keyboard
4.2" touch display




Physical keyboard
3.1" touch display




On-screen keyboard
4.2" touch display




Physical keyboard
3.1" touch display



Switching phones is easy

Import your data

Bring your contacts, pictures, apps and more from your old smartphone to your new BlackBerry 10 device.

Sync with your computer

BlackBerry Link easily syncs your computer and your BlackBerry 10 device to organise your content.

  1. 1

    Up to 25 hours available only on Z30. Based on mixed usage scenario. Many factors affect battery life, including network, application usage, feature configuration and battery age. Actual results may vary.

  2. 2

    Data charges will depend on your network carrier and particular data plan. Please contact your network carrier for more information.

  3. 3

    Some features may require BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2 or higher