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System Requirements and Support for Wi-Fi Enabled
BlackBerry Smartphones

BlackBerry® Data Services1 Requirements

  • Routable path of device to the Internet via TCP/IP on port 443
  • Optional UMA/GAN access—routable path from device to the Internet via TCP/IP ports 4500 and 500
    • Requires carrier support for UMA/GAN

BlackBerry Enterprise Data Services Requirements

  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software v4.0 or later
  • Allocation of IP addresses using DHCP or static IP addresses with routable paths:
    • Device to the BlackBerry Router via TCP/IP on port 4101
    • Device access to DHCP server and DNS server
    • If using NAT, enable NAT traversal
  • Optional IPSec-based VPN—routable path of device to the VPN concentrator via IPSec/TCP ports 4500 and 500

Supported IEEE® 802.11™ Access Points

IEEE 802.11a2
802.11g 802.11n3
5 GHz
2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz

Supported WLAN Security Methods

  • WEP (64-bit or 128-bit)
  • Pre-shared Key (PSK)
  • 8021.X/EAP–LEAP
  • 8021.X/EAP–EAP–PEAP
  • 8021.X/EAP–TLS
  • 8021.X/EAP–TTLS
  • 8021.X/EAP–FAST
  • 8021.X/EAP–SIM
  • 8021.X/EAP–AKA

Inner Authentication Methods

  • PEAP method supports:
    • EAP–MSCHAPv2
    • EAP–GTC
  • EAP-TTLS method supports:
    • EAP–MSCHAPv2
    • MSCHAPv2
  • EAP-FAST method supports:
    • EAP–MSCHAPv2
    • EAP–GTC

Encryption Key Management

  • WEP
  • Wi-Fi® Alliance’s Wi-Fi Protected Access™ (WPA™) Personal and Enterprise
  • Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) Personal and Enterprise

IPSec VPN Support

  • Alcatel® 7130 Secure VPN Gateway
  • Avaya® VSU™ Series
  • Check Point® Software Technologies VPN-1
  • Cisco® VPN Concentrator 3000 Series
  • Cisco Secure PIX Firewall VPN
  • Cisco IOS with Easy VPN Server
  • Lucent Firewall Brick Family
  • Netscreen Systems
  • Nortel Networks Contivity VPN Switch Series
  • Secure Computing® Sidewinder® Firewall
  • Symantec® Raptor Firewall and PowerVPN

Software Token Support

  • RSA® Authentication Manager
    • Requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version v4.1 Service Pack 3 or later

Learn about UMA/GAN voice over Wi-Fi

  1. 1

    Requires a BlackBerry Data Plan.

  2. 2

    BlackBerry® 8820 smartphone only.

  3. 3

    BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone only.