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Download BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software

The BlackBerry® platform includes server software, desktop software and device software, which work together to manage the link between your BlackBerry® smartphone, your email and other applications.

Download BlackBerry® Desktop Software, BlackBerry® Device Software, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software and related service packs and hot fixes.

BlackBerry MDS Services for BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0

As part of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry® MDS Services handle requests from BlackBerry smartphones and manage interactions between enterprise applications and systems.

BlackBerry MDS Services for Web Services is a download for BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0. It is required to support Web Services-based applications developed in BlackBerry® MDS Studio.

Download BlackBerry MDS Services for BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Resource Kit provides BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administrators with tools to help monitor, analyze, administer and report on BlackBerry Enterprise Server operations. These tools can help you obtain per day and per user statistics, check for users who are out of wireless network coverage, track messages pending delivery in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and more.