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The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Resource Kit supplements the built-in management and reporting capabilities of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server with tools that provide administrators with greater flexibility and more insight into specific server operations.

The tools in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit help administrators with the following activities:

  • Performing administrative tasks
  • Migrating users
  • Reviewing user statistics
  • Investigating message flow
  • Reporting on errors and other environment issues
  • And much more


  • The BlackBerry® Administration API is now shipped with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and installed with the BlackBerry Administration Service
  • The BlackBerry Analysis, Monitoring and Troubleshooting tools are now bundled as one download
  • The latest version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Transporter should always be used regardless of your BlackBerry Enterprise Server versions
  • It’s strongly recommended to download and install the version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit that coincides with the installed version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

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