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Restore Your Data

As a part of your previous attempt to update device software, a back up file should have been created by default. You may be able to restore your data with this back up file, such as your contacts and calendar items.


  • If you haven't performed a backup, you may not be able to retrieve any data. You'll also need to download and install third-party applications separately.
  • If BlackBerry Desktop Software was able to backup and restore your data during the device software update process, you don't need to manually restore your data.

To restore the data from a backup file to your BlackBerry smartphone, complete the following steps:

1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to a computer that has BlackBerry Desktop Software installed.
2. Open the BlackBerry® Desktop Software.
3. Click Backup and Restore.
4. Click Restore.
5. Navigate to the backup file that contains the data to be restored to the BlackBerry smartphone. If there is more than one backup file, choose the one with the most recent date in the file name.
6.Double-click the backup (.ipd) file.