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Send As Issue

BlackBerry® smartphone users at your organization are seeing red X symbols (beside their sent messages) in their BlackBerry smartphone message list and receiving one of the error messages listed below:

  • "Unlisted message error"
  • "Desktop email program unable to submit message"

In order to allow corporate users to send email from their BlackBerry smartphones, the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server service accounts require the "Send As" permission to be granted. This permission has historically been set at the Microsoft® Exchange Server level and propagated to the individual user mailboxes.

Microsoft® has released a number of Microsoft Exchange Server hot fixes to change the security model for users in protected groups, that revoke the Send As permission for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server service account. To restore normal messaging operations for these users, the Send As permission must again be granted to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server service account. If users are observing the error messages listed above and they are members of protected groups such as Domain Administrators, while other users on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server can successfully send email, it’s highly possible these users are being affected by the Send As Issue.