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BlackBerry World support

Find a variety of resources to help you make the most out of your BlackBerry app.

For BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier

App may not be available in all countries.

Updates & help from the community

Get answers to your questions and see what the community is saying.

Refund Support

Use the online form for refunds of purchases made through PayPal or by credit card.

For refunds of purchases made through carrier billing, please contact your wireless service provider.

Support for BlackBerry ID

Your BlackBerry® ID username and password gives you access to BlackBerry websites, apps, and services, and helps you transfer information when you change devices.

Find your favourite apps in BlackBerry World

Supercharge your BlackBerry experience with apps for every interest.

Transferring apps to your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone

If you have just switched to the new BlackBerry 10 OS, we can walk you through moving your apps over with ease.

Other Resources

Other resources design updates