BBM Enterprise is Now Available!

BBM® Protected users can download the new BBM® Enterprise app on Android or iOS devices beginning Oct 12th! BBM Enterprise offers all the same security and encryption as BBM Protected. BBM Enterprise users can also keep all their existing BBM contacts, whether they’re coworkers in your organization, or friends and family that are using BBM. Administrators will maintain all the same controls and management for BBM Enterprise users.

Action required for BBM Protected users on Android or iOS:

BBM Protected users on Android or iOS devices should complete the following steps:

1. Download the BBM Enterprise app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
2. Sign in to BBM Enterprise using your existing BlackBerry ID.

BBM Protected users on Android and iOS must download and switch to BBM Enterprise no later than October 27, 2016. If you are a user of BBM Enterprise and are unable to migrate by October 27, 2016, your BBM chats will be deleted.

New enhancements for BBM on BlackBerry 10 are coming soon!

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BBM Protected

BBM Protected is available for BlackBerry 10 users.