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Get help setting up your new BlackBerry Z10

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Start up your BlackBerry Z10

Find out how to insert your battery and SIM card

Set up your email

Get your email onto your BlackBerry Z10

Watch the How To Demo

Set up your BBM and social apps

Get started with BBM

Add and edit BBM contacts

Use BBM Video with Screen Share

Watch the How To Demo

Add your social apps

Set up your storage

Set up external storage to save space on your smartphone

Note: The Dropbox application is pre-installed on your BlackBerry Z10 device

Transfer your information

Transferring your data from BlackBerry smartphones and other devices is easy.

Online support


On-device support

To get help using your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, simply tap the Help Icon on your home screen.

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BlackBerry Z10 accessories

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New cases, docks and more

Find all-new accessories for an all-new BlackBerry.