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BlackBerry Certification Program

Join over 4,000 professionals already BlackBerry certified

With BlackBerry Enterprise solutions deployed by thousands of organizations worldwide both large and small, the demand for skilled BlackBerry professionals is greater than ever.  Show off your skills and boost your credibility with the BlackBerry® Certification Program.

Why get BlackBerry certified?

Get ahead in your career

Demonstrate your drive, ambition and knowledge of the BlackBerry solution by getting BlackBerry certified. The BlackBerry 10 Certification Program is an industry standard in excellence, designed to validate both skill level and knowledge of specific BlackBerry products and services. BlackBerry® 10 exams have been developed using IT certification industry standards and will help identify the experts who support, manage and develop for BlackBerry.


With the BlackBerry Certification credential management system, you can monitor your certification progress and view your exam history. Log in to the BlackBerry Certification credential management system

BlackBerry 10 exams and training

Be the first to become certified in the following BlackBerry 10 credentials:

BlackBerry 10 Certified Support Specialist

BCP-240 exam (PDF): Supporting BlackBerry® 10 Devices

BlackBerry 10 Certified Helpdesk Specialist

BCP-340 exam (PDF): Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry® Device Service in an Enterprise environment

BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 Certified System Administrator (BlackBerry Device Service)

BCP-440 exam (PDF): Managing the BlackBerry Device Service

BlackBerry Certified Builder for Web Application Development

BCP-842 exam (PDF): Developing Applications Using the BlackBerry® 10 WebWorks™ SDK

BlackBerry Certified Builder for Native Application Development

BCP-843 exam (PDF): Developing Applications Using the BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK and Cascades™ UI Framework