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Preventive Services

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Value-added Features

BlackBerry® Expert Support Center
  • A secure, online resource for Named Callers that provides access to self-service tools and resources
BlackBerry® Infrastructure Status Tool5 Access to a support tool that shows the status of the BlackBerry Infrastructure
BlackBerry® Training2,4 Access to web based training modules
BlackBerry Certification
  • One BlackBerry® Certification Program exam voucher for each of your Named Callers. You'll also receive a 1% discount per BlackBerry certified Named Caller on your support subscription renewal, up to a maximum of 5%
BlackBerry Technical Support Webcast Series Monthly webcasts to provide Named Callers with information and workarounds to proactively diagnose common technical scenarios
BlackBerry® Solve Newsletter A monthly Newsletter sent to Named Callers to communicate technical information such as fixes and workarounds for common technical issues
Named Callers
  • 2
  • Optional feature: Add Named Callers as required

To purchase optional services, contact your authorized BlackBerry reseller or BlackBerry Solution Sales at 1-800-327-9085 (toll free within North America) or 1-519-888-9137 (international), or email sales@blackberry.com.

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  1. 1

    BlackBerry Expert Support Center availability may be subject to maintenance and technical requirements.

  2. 2

    A Valid Non-Disclosure Agreement required between the subscribing organization and Research In Motion (RIM).

  3. 3

    Service only offered where available.

  4. 4

    A separate set of terms and conditions specific to the use of this service may need to be executed between the subscribing organization and RIM for this service to take place.

  5. 5

    Named Callers aren’t permitted to transfer their end users to BlackBerry Technical Support. Named Callers are the only individuals that can interact with BlackBerry Technical Support.

Out-of-scope Services

Services not described within your designated support level are outside the scope of BlackBerry® Technical Support Services and chargeable on a per occurrence basis, at then-current rates. If you request any of these services, BlackBerry Technical Support will inform you, in advance of the service being rendered, that it may be subject to additional charges. Examples of services not covered by BlackBerry Technical Support Services include, but aren’t limited to,:

  • Software reloads for any component of the BlackBerry solution and restoring software to an operational level as defined in the product specifications
  • Support when a virus is detected on your systems; Research In Motion (RIM) assumes no responsibility for data loss when asked to assist with the cleaning of a virus
  • System administrator functions that are the customer’s responsibility including, but not limited to,:
    • Installation/configuration/testing/tuning of third-party non-factory installed applications, components or products
    • Backup and restoration of your system(s) and related data
    • Management of customer-tailored parameters
    • Creation/modification of scripts unique to your environment
  • Product training, including customized operational/technical procedures
  • Custom programming or custom application development
  • Services relating to application software support, database implementation, population and administration, execution of data loading procedures, data archiving and recovery
  • Services resulting from the following causes:
    • Customer or any third party’s negligence, misuse or abuse
    • Failure to operate equipment in accordance with the recommended RIM specifications
    • Failure to perform regular preventive maintenance activities
    • Acts of third parties
    • Improper implementation or operation of software
    • Failure to perform those actions as prescribed by RIM during technical troubleshooting
  • Services related to unsupported products, once the cause has been isolated to the unsupported product and communicated to you
  • BlackBerry Technical Support Services doesn’t cover issues with your networks, third-party software solutions or hardware issues
  • Offering support directly to BlackBerry Smartphone users who are not Named Callers. Only Named Callers can interact with BlackBerry Technical Support.

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