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Contacting RIM for Support

BlackBerry Technical Support is an included component of your BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Cloud environment. It provides your organization with direct access to the technical experts at BlackBerry or a BlackBerry designate in order to help achieve maximum uptime for your users.

Telephone Support

Telephone Support Number

00 80025523771
0011 80025523771 (international toll free number)
1-877-255-2377 (toll free) or 1-647-426-1108
000-800-1007-373 (toll free)
1800-CALL RIM (1-800-225-5746)
0800 096 2201
1-877-255-2377 (toll free) or 1-647-426-1108

Contact BlackBerry Technical Support by calling the appropriate regional number from the drop down menu above. Upon entering the telephone menu, select option 2 for technical support, then option 1 to enter your Subscription Code. What's this?

To call in for an existing support ticket, select option 1 and enter your ticket number.

BlackBerry Expert Support Center

You can submit issues electronically through the BlackBerry Expert Support Center. To submit an issue in the BlackBerry Expert Support Center, click on the My Service Requests icon in the Tools menu, then click Create Service Request. Log in to the BlackBerry Expert Support Center

Support Program Features

Find out about the features and services included with your subscription, such as coverage and access, number of named callers and access to the BlackBerry Expert Support Center.

Response and Escalation

Learn about the escalation process and response times, including the process for submitting a ticket to BlackBerry Technical Support, problem classification and definition, proposed response times and subscriber responsibilities.

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    Some fees may apply when using an international toll-free number. Please check with your carrier.