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Features and Services

Service Features

Coverage and Access1

  • 24x7 telephone support with the Direct Advanced Response Team (DART) with an average 90-second response2
  • Electronic incident submission with a 1-hour response by telephone or email
  • To submit an issue electronically, click on the My Service Requests tool in the BlackBerry® Expert Support Center

Major Incident Management

Upon detection of a critical or widespread customer impacting issue, the Major Incident Management team is engaged internally to manage the issue with the assistance of all relevant technical support teams

Direct Advanced Response Team (DART)

Direct access to the most highly qualified team of technical resources within BlackBerry® Technical Support Services

Secondary Access Code

  • Provides field technical staff and non Named Callers with access to BlackBerry Technical Support Services when Named Callers aren’t available
  • Your Secondary Access Code can be found by clicking on My Subscriptions in the Tools menu in the BlackBerry Expert Support Center

Preventive Services

Support Account Manager (SAM)3
  • Designated resource to triage outstanding technical issues, manage escalations, provide ongoing reporting and status updates, and act as your advocate
  • The name of your SAM can be found by clicking on My Subscriptions in the Tools menu in the BlackBerry Expert Support Center

Designated Senior Technical Analyst (DSTA)

  • Optional service: the Designated Senior Technical Analyst is the primary sponsor for all technical support issues opened with Research In Motion (RIM). They’re immediately notified of all cases upon creation of each ticket
  • As a technical advocate who provides onsite visits once per month, they’ll develop and maintain performance benchmarks for your BlackBerry environment, establish test infrastructure that emulates your BlackBerry environment and deliver technical training/workshops for IT Administrators and Help Desk staff as necessary
Continuity of Operations Alerts4
  • Push messages to BlackBerry smartphone users via PIN-to-PIN messaging in the event of a disaster situation
  • Contact your SAM to request this service
Tech-to-site Assistance4,6
  • Optional service: A technical resource is dispatched to your location within 24 to 48 hours
Secondary Support Account Manager
  • Optional service: A resource that performs the full responsibilities of a SAM, but is dedicated to a second or geographically dispersed IT center
  • Contact your SAM to register for this optional service

Value-added Features

BlackBerry Expert Support Center

  • A secure, online resource for Named Callers that provides access to self-service tools such as the Enterprise Activation Readiness Tool and SRP ID Lookup Tool
  • Secondary Access Users: allows Named Callers to give their internal support personnel access to a subset of BlackBerry Expert Support Center features. Your allotment for Secondary Access Users will match your current allotment for Named Callers (if you have 15 Named Callers, you can assign 15 Secondary Access Users)
  • Click on the Help tab in the BlackBerry Expert Support Center to learn more about this resource

BlackBerry Software Service Packs and Hotfixes

  • Available for any BlackBerry software components covered under your support subscription
  • To access Service Packs and Hotfixes, click on the Downloads tab in the BlackBerry Expert Support Center

BlackBerry Training4,6,9,11

  • One free onsite training session (up to a maximum of 2 days)6
  • To book training, click on Training and Certification in the Tools menu in the BlackBerry Expert Support Center
Named Callers1
  • 15
  • Optional feature: Add Named Callers as required
  • To view the Named Callers on your subscription, click on My Subscriptions in the Tools menu in the BlackBerry Expert Support Center

Secondary Access Users to BlackBerry Expert Support Center

  • Up to 15

To purchase optional services, contact your authorized BlackBerry reseller or BlackBerry Solution Sales at 1-800-327-9085 (toll free within North America) or 1-519-888-9137 (international), or email

  1. 1

    BlackBerry Expert Support Center availability may be subject to maintenance and technical requirements.

  2. 2

    The 90-second response to telephone support calls isn’t a service-level guarantee, but rather a goal to answer calls within 90 seconds 80% of the time.

  3. 3

    The SAM is available from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday in a single time zone designated by the customer. Support from the SAM outside of these hours will be provided on a best effort basis.

  4. 4

    A separate set of terms and conditions specific to the use of this service may need to be executed between the subscribing organization and RIM for this service to take place.

  5. 5

    Customers can submit logs from as many as five BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances four times per contract year.

  6. 6

    Service only offered where available.

  7. 7

    A Valid Non-Disclosure Agreement required between the subscribing organization and RIM.

  8. 8

    In order to receive this discount, Named Callers must be certified under the BlackBerry Certification Program. Such certification must be kept up-to-date and identified to RIM at the time of purchase or renewal of the BlackBerry Technical Support Services. This discount won’t be applied retroactively.

  9. 9

    The four days of onsite training must be used consecutively in the same location.

  10. 10

    Named Callers aren’t permitted to transfer their end users to BlackBerry Technical Support. Named Callers are the only individuals that can interact with BlackBerry Technical Support.

  11. 11

    Customer is responsible for the provision of training facilities and training room set up.