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Features and Services

Service Features

Coverage and Access

  • 24x7 telephone support with the Direct Advanced Response Team (DART) with an average 90-second response2
  • Electronic incident submission with a 2-hour response by telephone or email
Priority Queuing for Incidents When you call BlackBerry® Technical Support and enter your subscriber number, your call receives priority routing through the automated call distribution system

Preventive Services

Support Service Specialist (SSS)
  • When an issue is escalated to the SSS group, an available SSS will contact you to understand your issue and engage the appropriate technical resources
  • To engage a Support Service Specialist, click on the Support Service Specialist button that appears on your ticket 24 hours after submission. You can’t escalate an issue to a Support Service Specialist in the first 24 hours following submission of a ticket

System Health Checks

  • Submit your BlackBerry® Enterprise Server log files (from up to 5 servers) for review once per year to determine areas within your technical environment that are the likely cause of existing issues and/or items that may cause potential issues in the future
  • A technical resource will run your BlackBerry Enterprise Server log files through a health check utility, which analyzes the files to identify trends, common error messages and other key data points to identify environmental and mail delivery/latency issues
Quarterly Support Summary Review Call with SSS2,3
  • The SSS will initiate a quarterly 30-minute call to review a summary report of the incidents submitted during that period and allow your Named Callers to provide feedback about the services delivered
Assigned Partner Solution Architect (PSA)
  • Your PSA can be consulted for guidance on building your infrastructure, documents and white papers on areas such as best practices and answers to technical inquiries
  • Note: PSAs aren’t technical support reps and can’t provide incident support

Value-added Features

BlackBerry Expert Support Center

A secure, online resource center for Named Callers that provides access to: 

  • Create and Manage Service Requests — Named Callers may create, view and add comments to open service requests associated with their support subscription
  • Enterprise Activation Readiness Tool — Verify that a BlackBerry smartphone is ready for the enterprise activation process by running 3 online tests
  • Product tutorials and archived BlackBerry Technical Support webcasts
  • The BlackBerry Technical Knowledge Center and software documentation

Free BlackBerry Certification Exam Vouchers

BlackBerry Certification vouchers give Named Callers free access to register for BlackBerry Certification Program exams

Discount on Onsite and/or Open Session Training

Receive a 25% discount to attend instructor-led training at open sessions in your region or onsite at your location

Discounted Hosting Cost

  • $3.10/user/month discount on the Hosted BlackBerry® services license fee, provided an annual volume commitment of 3000 new users is met
  • If you’re not able to meet your volume commitment, you’ll be required to join a lower program tier for the next membership year

BlackBerry® Solve Newsletter

BlackBerry Technical Support Webcast Series

Named Callers

  • Designated technical contacts within your organization who are authorized to contact BlackBerry Technical Support
  • 10

Learn More

  1. 1

    BlackBerry Expert Support Center availability may be subject to maintenance and technical requirements.

  2. 2

    The 90-second response to telephone support calls isn’t a service-level guarantee, but rather a goal to answer calls within 90 seconds 80% of the time.

  3. 3

    The SAM is available from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday in a single time zone designated by the customer. Support from the SAM outside of these hours will be provided on a best effort basis.

  4. 4

    A separate set of terms and conditions specific to the use of this service may need to be executed between the subscribing organization and RIM for this service to take place.

  5. 5

    Customers can submit logs from as many as five BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances four times per contract year.

  6. 6

    Service only offered where available.

  7. 7

    A Valid Non-Disclosure Agreement required between the subscribing organization and RIM.

  8. 8

    In order to receive this discount, Named Callers must be certified under the BlackBerry Certification Program. Such certification must be kept up-to-date and identified to RIM at the time of purchase or renewal of the BlackBerry Technical Support Services. This discount won’t be applied retroactively.

  9. 9

    The four days of onsite training must be used consecutively in the same location.

  10. 10

    Named Callers aren’t permitted to transfer their end users to BlackBerry Technical Support. Named Callers are the only individuals that can interact with BlackBerry Technical Support.