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Software Maintenance

Your organization is encouraged to update to the most recent software versions of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution components. When you install software updates, including hotfixes and service packs, you can take advantage of the latest productivity-enhancing and administration features as soon as they become available.

To achieve a high level of support excellence, Research In Motion (RIM) limits the number of software versions for any component of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution that will be supported through BlackBerry® Technical Support Services. The following policies determine whether a version is supported:

Support is offered for the current shipping version of any software element of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution when it operates in a supported configuration
Support is generally offered for the previous software release for a period of 12 months after the release of the current shipping version. When product problems are encountered in previous releases, an update to the current shipping software release may be necessary to fix the problem
Service packs and hotfixes are generally produced for the current shipping version only. The creation of service packs and hotfixes for previous versions may be evaluated by RIM on a case-by-case basis
BlackBerry Technical Support uses a Software Support Lifecycle to determine which BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software versions are eligible for support. View the software support lifecycle

Service Packs and Hotfixes

Access service packs and hotfixes available for the BlackBerry software components covered under your support subscription through the BlackBerry Expert Support Center. Log in to the BlackBerry Expert Support Center

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