When organizations contact the BlackBerry® Technical Support team, a support ticket is initiated. Each support ticket is assigned a unique ticket number (for example, INC00001234567), which is used to track your issue from initiation to resolution.

The support ticket number will be provided either at the end of a call with a support representative or via an automated email message receipt when contacting BlackBerry Technical Support through the BlackBerry Expert Support Center.

Organizations must refer to this support ticket number for all communication relating to that specific issue.

Problem Definition

All requests for support are initially deemed to be problems by the BlackBerry® Technical Support team. When you report a problem, indicate its impact on your organization to assist the assigned BlackBerry Technical Support representative in classifying the problem’s severity.

Problem classifications are outlined in the table below:

Severity Action

A critical incident is defined as a problem that causes a total loss of service for which no procedural workaround exists. This problem may affect either the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server or a majority of the deployed BlackBerry smartphones. The problem severely affects the ability to conduct business.

Note: RIM support teams are available 24x7 for critical problems and the Problem Management Team will be contacted; customers must agree to be available for engagement 24x7 until relief has been provided.

Serious A serious incident is defined as a problem that causes a severe degradation of service to RIM customers. A customer’s key business process is impaired but not disabled. Customers may continue their operation, but in a restricted fashion.
Normal A normal incident is defined as a problem that has slightly compromised the ability of a customer to conduct business. The customer’s productivity loss is minor. The situation may be temporarily circumvented with an established work-around.
Low A low incident is defined as a problem that has marginally (or not) compromised the ability of a customer to conduct business. The productivity loss is insignificant. This may include a request for service, enhancement, or "how to" request. There is little or no risk of customer impact.

Note: Severity classifications may be updated during the lifecycle of a problem being worked on by the BlackBerry Technical Support team if the impact to the customer changes. The severity classification will be assigned by RIM, at the sole discretion of RIM.

Direct Escalation Policy

Should you have technical issues of a Critical and Serious nature and aren't satisfied with the response or resolution provided to you by BlackBerry® Technical Support, use the following escalation path to have your concerns addressed:

  1. Request to speak to a supervisor.
  2. Contact BlackBerry Technical Support Management. Provide your support ticket number and details about the situation, including the date and time of the occurrence, by email to You will receive a response within one hour.

If, after using one of these escalation paths, you'd like to request additional support or provide direct feedback to the Technical Support Executive team, email Your email will be sent to the Senior Management within Customer Support Operations at Research In Motion (RIM).

If you have general feedback regarding your technical support experience, email

Response Times

The BlackBerry® Technical Support team sets response time goals based on the method of access. The response time goals are outlined in the following table.

Method of Access Response-time Goal
Telephone BlackBerry Technical Support representatives strive to answer 80% of all incoming telephone inquiries within 90 seconds.
BlackBerry Expert Support Center BlackBerry Technical Support representatives will strive to respond to all incidents submitted through the BlackBerry Expert Support Center within 4 hours of submission.

Note: The foregoing response-time goals are targets only and RIM shall not be considered to be in breach of any of its obligations if it cannot fulfill such target times.

Subscriber Responsibilities

To effectively troubleshoot and resolve a problem, RIM may require customers to provide user information such as email address, or first and last name. If the requested information is not provided, it may impede RIM’s ability to resolve the reported problem.

It's assumed that individuals involved in support of the BlackBerry® solution products are familiar with the processes outlined in this plan. It's also assumed that these individuals have received the required user training on any BlackBerry solution product they are supporting.

Examples of customer responsibility for support and system maintenance include but are not limited to the following:

  • To ensure that Named Callers associated with an account are verified on a regular basis, and any changes to assigned Named Callers is communicated to RIM
  • User privileges
  • Data loading procedures
  • Perform basic, initial problem isolation and identification before reporting an incident to BlackBerry Technical Support
  • Participate in evaluating problem escalation priorities, when necessary
  • Coordinate, facilitate, and participate in periodic support reviews and technology meetings
  • Support of products not supported by RIM

Out of Scope Services

Services that are not mentioned in the descriptions above, are outside the scope of BlackBerry® Technical Support for Blackberry® Business Cloud Services and are chargeable to the customer on a per occurrence basis, at then-current rates. If a customer requests any of these services, BlackBerry Technical Support will inform the customer, in advance of the service being rendered, that it may be subject to additional charges. Examples of services not covered by BlackBerry Technical Support Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Support when a virus is detected on customer’s systems; RIM assumes no responsibility for data loss when asked to assist customer with the cleaning of a virus
  • System administrator functions that are the customer’s responsibility including, but not limited to:
    • Installation/configuration/testing/tuning of third-party non-factory installed applications, components or products
    • Management of customer-tailored parameters
    • Creation/modification of scripts that are unique to the customer’s environment
  • Product training including customized operational/technical procedures
  • Custom programming or custom application development for customer
  • Services relating to application software support, database implementation, population and administration, execution of data loading procedures, data archiving and recovery
  • Services resulting from the following causes:
    • Customer or any third party’s negligence, misuse, or abuse
    • Failure to operate equipment in accordance with the recommended RIM specifications
    • Failure to perform regular preventive maintenance activities
    • Acts of third parties
    • Improper implementation or operation of software
    • Failure to perform those actions as prescribed by RIM during technical troubleshooting
  • Services related to unsupported products, once the cause has been isolated to the unsupported product and communicated to the customer
  • BlackBerry Technical Support for Blackberry Business Cloud Services does not cover issues with customer networks, third party software solutions or hardware issues
  • Offering support directly to BlackBerry Smartphone users who are not Named Callers. Only Named Callers can interact with BlackBerry Technical Support for Blackberry Business Cloud Services