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Support Program Features

Service Features

Coverage and Access
  • 24x7 telephone support with an average 90-second response
  • Electronic incident submission to BlackBerry® Expert Support Center with a four hour response by telephone or email
  • Telephone and electronic support is currently available in English,Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.
Major Incident Management

Upon detection or identification of a critical or widespread customer impacting issue, the Major Incident Management team will:

  • manage the issue with the assistance of all relevant technical support teams
  • mitigate the impact of a critical or widespread issue, while working to quickly resolve it
  • look for opportunities to prevent future occurrences of the issue through root cause analysis

Value Added Services

BlackBerry Expert Support Center

The BlackBerry Expert Support Center is a secure online resource center available to customers with a BlackBerry® Technical Support for BlackBerry® Business Cloud Services subscription. Log in details will be provided to each identified Named Caller.

The BlackBerry Expert Support Center provides access to self-service tools and resources to help troubleshoot common issues. This includes access to the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center, software documentation and product tutorials. In addition, Administrators may access the following tools:

  • Enterprise activation readiness – Verify that a BlackBerry smartphone is ready for the enterprise activation process by running three online tests. All that is required is a BlackBerry smartphone personal identification number (PIN), serial number and email address.
  • Create and manage service requests – Named Callers may create, view, and add comments to open service requests associated with their support subscription.
  • View support subscription details – Named Callers can:
    • View support agreements
    • Access subscription expiry dates
    • Access all Named Callers active on the subscription
    • Link to BlackBerry Technical Support Services Welcome Package
BlackBerry health status – service interrupting events

A service-interrupting event is an event that affects the delivery of BlackBerry Business Cloud Services. Service interrupting events occur when a portion of the service infrastructure becomes unresponsive and unavailable to customers. Service interrupting events are categorized by severity levels.

There are two types of service interrupting events:

  • Planned downtime (maintenance events)
  • Unplanned downtime
Notification Policy

When a service interrupting events occurs, RIM recognizes that timely and accurate information is critical for your organization. RIM updates BlackBerry Business Cloud Services subscribers by posting the BlackBerry health status in the BlackBerry Expert Support Center.

Log in to the BlackBerry Expert Support Center  to access the BlackBerry health status tool.

BlackBerry® Training
  • Administrators gain access to web based BlackBerry Expert Support Centre training modules
  • Training modules focus on troubleshooting connectivity, mail flow and smartphone functionality
Named Callers
  • Up to five Administrators can be designated as Named Callers which enables them to log support tickets with RIM via telephone or through the BlackBerry Expert Support Center.
  • Additional Administrators can be given access to the BlackBerry Expert Support Center to take advantage of all of the tools and resources made available, but they will be unable to log support tickets. To give additional administrators access to the BlackBerry Expert Support Center, click on the Account tab in the BlackBerry Expert Support Center, select Support Staff Management, then click the Secondary Access Users tab.
Support Community Forums for BlackBerry Business Cloud Services

Access to online community forums that allow you to ask questions, find answers, and help your fellow Blackberry Cloud Services users resolve their issues. We encourage customers to visit these forums and participate in the discussions.