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BlackBerry Z30

Release Highlights

Software updates for BlackBerry 10 OS, version 10.2.1

Includes the following updates for BlackBerry® 10 smartphones:

  • Battery Percentage Indicator: View remaining battery life as a percentage on the status bar by using the peek gesture on the home screen, Hub or from within an application. Additionally, battery percentage is viewable at all times from the device lock screen.
  • Device monitor: New screens have been added to provide you with key details about battery usage, and help to diagnose which applications are having a negative impact on battery life.
  • Phone improvements include:
    • Refresh of the incoming call screen
    • Remote lookup in the contacts list
    • Speed dial from the home screen
    • Mnemonic dialing (dial by name) – physical keyboards only
    • Send SMS from Phone Call Log
    • Reply Now – a dedicated Reply Now icon is now on the Incoming Call screen
  • Floating action bar: All touch devices will now always show a compact action bar specific to each application above the keyboard, making key actions more readily available.
  • “Running Shift” text selection:  To enhance the text selection experience, you will be able to place the cursor at the desired selection start point, hold down the SHIFT key and either drag the selection circle or select an end point with your thumb.
  • Fast action switch: Quickly change languages.
  • FM radio: A new “tab” in the Music app allows you to tune into FM stations, similar to how you would use the FM radio in a car.
  • Notifications: You will now be able to set notifications as "Level 1", and configure notifications on a per-contact basis.
  • Email and data consumption improvements include:
    • Folder sync improvements to reduce data consumption
    • The ability to select either Rich Text or Plain Text when composing a message
    • The ability to modify message priority
    • The ability to reorder the accounts listed in the Hub menu
    • Image scaling support to help improve data usage
    • Roaming support, to download only message headers when roaming
    • Simpler next/previous overlays in email
  • Contacts improvements include:
    • The ability to select a sync source when saving a new contact
    • You can now create SMS and email groups on the device
  • Calendar improvements include:
    • Simpler "Go To Date" functionality
    • WebEx integration for creating a WebEx meeting when scheduling a meeting (if WebEx is installed)
    • Follow Up meetings – navigate to past or future meetings to create follow up meetings with details pre-populated
  • Browser: Offline reading will allow you to save a web page for future viewing without a network connection.
  • Maps improvements include: improvements to POI layout, 2D map visualization improvements, local search enhancements and additional information on Places, including hours of operation.
  • Lock Screen Emergency Calling: Emergency calls must now explicitly be dialed and initiated in an adapted phone dial pad view.
  • Software updates improvements include:
    • Automatic download and install of updates when a user is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    • Support for mandatory updates
  • Android apps: You can now discover and access supported .APK files (Android apps) from any number of available sources online (web portals and curated Android marketplaces etc.). Please note, BlackBerry does not give any assurances regarding the performance or security of such files. BlackBerry encourages users to only install files from trusted sources. BlackBerry World remains the only trusted and vetted destination for BlackBerry 10 apps. Android apps won't run in the work perimeter.
  • Enterprise enhancements include:
    • New optional data at rest encryption model, Advanced Data at Rest Protection (ADARP)
    • Multiple domains within the Work file system: Lock Domain, Operational Domain, Startup Domain
    • Active Sync Rights Management: Support for EAT 14.1 right management, with the ability to prevent a message from being forwarded, or replied to with additional recipients
    • Improved Browser Password Authentication

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