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Service Program Instructions

The service programs outlined below are available only for the following BlackBerry® smartphones, which can be purchased directly from Research In Motion (RIM):

  • BlackBerry® 8820 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Curve™ 8320 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8120 smartphone

If you did not purchase your BlackBerry smartphone directly from RIM, please contact your carrier or reseller for return and repair service.

Service Program Instructions

Now that you have chosen the service program that works for you, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Contact the BlackBerry® Customer Contact Center at 1-877-255-2377. Please be prepared to provide the ESN of your BlackBerry® smartphone. A Contact Center Representative will work with you to provide a timely solution to your problem. Many technical difficulties can be solved through hard resets and software reloads
  2. If your BlackBerry smartphone needs to be repaired or exchanged, the Contact Center Representative will verify your shipping address, provide you with a Support Incident Number and, in the case of out of warranty service, your service options
  3. Once your request has been processed, you will be emailed a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form that must be included with your return for customs purposes. Be sure to include a copy of the RMA form in the sleeve of the shipping pouch

A few things to remember:

  • You will be billed for repair costs if the problem associated with the BlackBerry smartphone is not covered by the RIM limited warranty
  • In the case of an exchange, you must return the damaged or failed BlackBerry smartphone within seven (7) days of receiving your replacement smartphone. Otherwise, the RMA will be cancelled and you will be charged for the replacement. Also, your damaged BlackBerry smartphone will be deactivated three (3) days from the time your RMA request has been processed
  • Please wait at least five (5) business days before calling the BlackBerry Customer Contact Center to check the status of your shipment

All services associated with your current BlackBerry smartphone will be transferred to your replacement device.

Please note that products being replaced by RIM as part of the Exchange or Repair and Return program may be replaced with new or refurbished products. Please consult the limited warranty provided with your smartphone for information on the warranty applicable to replacement products.