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The following information is intended for retail support representatives who are assisting customers with troubleshooting.

For Repair Technician documentation and training, click here to access BlackBerry Universe.

Retail support representatives who are assisting customers, please use the BlackBerry Virtual Expert tool to assist with troubleshooting. Connect the customer’s BlackBerry smartphone to the BlackBerry Virtual Expert hub and follow the on-screen directions.


Low, distorted, or no volume, audio during phone calls, and external audio accessories.

Core Applications

Contacts and Calendar, BlackBerry Remember, BBM, File Manager, Password Keeper.

BlackBerry Link Software

Connectivity between a smartphone and computer, accessing files, and multiple users.

Data Connectivity

Mobile Network, Mobile Hotspot, NFC, Bluetooth, and media sharing.                                      

BlackBerry Services

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, BlackBerry ID, BlackBerry Protect, and BlackBerry World.

Device Performance

Out of the Box Experience, Stability, and Network Coverage.                                             

Cloud Services

Accessing cloud services, sharing files over cloud storage, file management, and Cloud Contacts.

Device Switch

Device switch and device switch options.


Display settings


Navigation and Input Methods

Prediction and Correction, keyboard languages, Voice Control and


Discovery Service, BlackBerry Balance, sending and receiving email, and BlackBerry Hub.


Making or Receiving phone calls and phone settings.

Location Services

Location Service settings.


Ports and Accessories

USB, store data on media card, media card access, HDMI port, and SIM


Finding media files, Pictures, Music, Videos, sharing media files, and HDMI, DLNA, and Miracast.


Battery and charging.


Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, and Rotation.

Social Networking

Social Networking Access and Settings.                       

Other Resources

Other resources design updates