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BlackBerry PlayBook

With built-in messages, calendar and contacts apps, and much more.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Review: Three reasons it's the best tablet bang for your buck

"The Remote feature of PlayBook OS 2.0 is an excellent way of making use of your BlackBerry device to navigate, type and share files and data between the two products."


PlayBook update makes tablet an easier sell

"This browser can handle most anything you throw at it, from Flash video to secure HTTP logins."


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 - outstanding value

"The biggest improvement brought by version 2.0 is the integrated email app, which is quite good."


BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 review

"It's really great, but what's even more great is that [BlackBerry Remote] works with any device -- any device that can talk to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, at least."


Forget the Amazon Kindle Fire, the BB PlayBook is now the best low cost tablet

"The PlayBook 2.0 update is out and takes a good 7 inch tablet and makes it excellent."


BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Walkthrough

"Having native Messages, Calendar and Contacts truly adds to the PlayBook and makes it an amazing tablet."


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 review

"The OS is elegant and smart, relying largely on bezel-based gestures that can quickly become second nature and generally work really well."



Increased productivity

Everything you need to fly through your workday is included in the lightweight BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. Use the powerful mobile office suite, Documents To Go®, to view and edit important documents wherever you are. And with Print To Go, you can digitally print content from your PC or laptop directly to your tablet.


Enhanced entertainment

Take your PlayBook along with you to enjoy hours of entertainment. Whether you're looking for something to read, the hottest music hits or the latest game to play, the PlayBook does it all. And your favorite apps and thousands more are available for download or purchase in BlackBerry App World™.


Communicate with ease

The PlayBook is your one-stop communication hub, with built-in messages, calendar and contacts apps right at your fingertips. Plus features like newsreel and a People View of your day allow you to get detailed information about the companies and people you communicate with every day.

BlackBerry PlayBook on Twitter

No longer have a desktop or laptop! Using solely my @BlackBerry Playbook as my main device. #timeshavechanged
@blackberry since upgrading my #playbook to OS 2.0 I've been using it constantly. Great speed and extension of my BB.
PlayBook 2 (dot) 0 is App-solutely Amazing! #TeamBlackBerry @BlackBerry
@BlackBerry I love the video quality of the #PlayBook. It left co-workers with their mouth wide open. #TeamBlackBerry
@BlackBerry Remote control is definitely my favourite new feature for #Playbook OS 2.0! Love everything, but that one is a game changer.
I must say, I love how easy it is to transfer files to my @blackberry #Playbook over WiFi. Just drag & drop Music, Movies & Pictures!

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