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No matter where your users are, with Good Shareâ„¢ accessing business files is just a tap away. Whether documents are stored in Microsoft SharePoint or in network file shares, Good Share simplifies mobile content collaboration. Users get the information they need, when they need it while you protect corporate data and ensure security.


Securely access SharePoint or file shares from anywhere

  • Access and browse corporate Microsoft SharePoint sites or network file shares quickly
  • Save files to Good Share so they are available immediately on all devices
  • Automatically map Windows PC drives for quick access across all devices

Attach and Send Files Easily Through Secure Email

  • Collaborate securely with co-workers
  • Select documents to share immediately through email
  • Automatically populate new messages with files accessed using Good Share without the hassle of copying and pasting links

Edit and Save Files to SharePoint or Network File Shares

  • Work on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDFs on the go
  • Check out, use Good-secured ISV apps to edit or annotate, and check in changes to a document

Save Email Attachments

  • Save your email attachments easily on SharePoint sites and network file shares
  • Access your saved attachments from all devices

Work with Offline Files Without Network Connectivity

  • Select and mark files for offline viewing
  • Sync offline files securely between user devices and corporate repositories

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