More Connections Mean More Opportunities for Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is top of mind for automakers as their cars become more connected to the outside world. Today’s vehicles are computers on wheels—with over 100 million lines of software per car. This degree of connectivity allows bad actors to hack into cars and their software, with the potential to create havoc. The risk posed to automakers can be mitigated with a well-designed end-to-end security solution and alignment with security best practices.

Are Your Vehicles BlackBerry Secure?

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Are the supply chain and critical hardware and software components secure?

Are messages between electronic control units (ECUs), the car and the outside world trusted?

Are software and security for the car monitored and proactively updated over its lifetime?

BlackBerry® provides robust solutions to the challenges faced by automakers with its technology, tools and services.


Realize a Safe and Secure Connected Car With BlackBerry

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Secure the Supply Chain

Security begins with the manufacturing process, including the components themselves. BlackBerry can help you:

  • Establish a root of trust in ECUs during manufacturing
  • Create a chain of trust between hardware and software
  • Scan all software to be “approved for manufacture”
  • Use only certified components
  • Ensure every supplier is “approved for delivery” via security assessments
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Isolate Access Points

Messages sent between components, the car and beyond must be trusted. BlackBerry can help you:

  • Ensure every ECU can be authenticated
  • Establish trusted messaging between ECUs (bus lockdowns)
  • Establish trusted messaging between ECUs and the outside world
  • Isolate safety-critical and non-safety-critical ECUs
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Monitor and Update

Security is not static and changes continuously. To keep pace, BlackBerry can help you:

  • Detect anomalies at multiple levels of software
  • Analyse and Diagnose software and security
  • Use secure over-the-air software updates
  • Monitor and act upon advisories with rapid incident response