Easily Integrate Messaging, Voice, Video,
and Data Sharing Into Your Apps

BBM® Enterprise SDK (the BlackBerry CPaaS solution) is a ready-made powerful global IP-based platform that enables you to integrate enterprise-grade communications into your applications, without needing to build out expensive backend infrastructure and interfaces.

With industry-leading security and rich communications features, the BlackBerry CPaaS solution gives you the simple, cost-effective platform you need to develop high-quality apps while keeping data encrypted. It leverages the proven, internet-scale BlackBerry communications infrastructure, which has been securing real-time communications for customers for over 15 years, protecting more than 90 million users and 1 billion daily messages around the globe.

Reduce Communications Costs

BBM Enterprise SDK has significant cost advantages over SMS messaging, due to its IP-based service. SMS is costly since you pay a platform provider, an aggregator, and a carrier to deliver a message. And with SMS there’s no guarantee that your message is delivered. The BlackBerry CPaaS solution utilizes the proven BlackBerry architecture so you can enable rich global communications while keeping costs down.

Give Your Users Rich and Secure Communications Features

BBM Enterprise SDK offers integration of multi-level communications into your apps, with high performance, high availability and enterprise-grade reliability. The IP-based platform enables you to reach more devices worldwide for more powerful communications and rich features.

Secure Messaging

  • 1:1 Chat
  • Multi-party Chat
  • Message quoting, retraction, editing, deletion

Secure File Sharing and Collaboration

  • Share files, text, contact cards, media and other data structures

Secure Voice and Video

  • 1:1 voice and video calling
  • Ability to accept an incoming voice or video call while app is running in the background
  • Thumbnail previews of video calls
  • Full-screen viewing of video call

Secure Real-Time Notifications

  • Push notifications for messaging and collaboration-related alerts

Trust the Proven Enterprise-Grade BlackBerry Architecture

With the BlackBerry CPaaS solution, you can trust the proven BlackBerry foundation and reputation for secure communications.
BBM Enterprise SDK is not only the most secure communications platform available – but it is also simple, reliable, scalable and cost-efficient.

Get to Market Faster

BBM Enterprise SDK simplifies and accelerates the development of communication functionality within your application. It leverages the powerful, secure BlackBerry communications framework, so you can focus on creating compelling features—not building and managing complex and costly infrastructure.

Build on a Scalable Platform for High-Quality Apps

With proven BlackBerry infrastructure, you are assured to be offering communication features that are optimized for performance.

The IP-based infrastructure also provides enhanced safeguards against system outages and unanticipated usage spikes that can compromise service, user experience and app adoption.

Safeguard Communications With End-to-End Security

BBM Enterprise SDK delivers enterprise-grade protection with embedded industry-leading mobile security. You get end-to-end protection for voice, video, messaging, and data sharing on Android™, iOS®, and—soon—web and server platforms.

Reduce Costs

BBM Enterprise SDK eliminates substantial upfront investments in infrastructure hardware and potential excess network and server capacities. You can control ongoing operational costs with an affordable subscription-based model.

With an IP-based architecture, you don’t need to engage directly with circuit-switched network operator technologies and incur the related costs.

Bring Industry-Leading BlackBerry Security to Your Communications

With BlackBerry, you get end-to-end security, protecting communications data at rest and in transit. BlackBerry enterprise-grade encryption is trusted by the most security-conscious organizations worldwide, including government agencies, to secure user data and protect user privacy.

BlackBerry does this with:

  • Protection of customer information via digital signatures and key management
  • End-to-end FIPS 140-2 validated encryption
  • Access controls for guaranteed message integrity

With BBM Enterprise SDK, your communication data is BlackBerry Secure.

The BBM Enterprise SDK was a game-changer. The advantage was instantly apparent to our clients, and they are overjoyed with the solution. And the extensive documentation made it easy to use, and easy to integrate quickly and seamlessly.

Toby Clench

Managing Director, Tundra Core Studios Limited

Attend the BBM Enterprise SDK Lab

Join us at the BlackBerry Security Summit and attend the BBM Enterprise SDK Lab to refine your knowledge of the BlackBerry CPaaS solution and work alongside BlackBerry experts.

This free 4-hour working lab will be split into two parts:

  1. Overview and Key Concepts (2 hours): Go over key concepts of the SDK in a mixture of presentations and coding walkthroughs.
  2. Interactive App Building Session (2 hours): Developers will build their own apps using the SDK, review sample apps and receive technical guidance from BlackBerry engineers with real-time troubleshooting and tips and tricks.

Join us in New York, USA November 14-15, 2017.

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