Manage Corporate Voice, Text and Data Usage on BYOD

An increasing number of employees today are using their personal devices for work purposes, blurring the line between personal and business usage. This demand for anytime, anywhere productivity creates multiple challenges for organizations when it comes to maintaining privacy while controlling device usage costs.

BlackBerry® WorkLife offers a separate work line on personal devices, enabling you to draw a firm line between corporate and personal life. It allows your enterprise to easily manage, monitor, and meter corporate voice, text, and data use with BYOD.

Provide a work-life balance, reduce mobility costs, and control corporate usage on employee devices – all while protecting employee privacy and boosting productivity.

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BlackBerry WorkLife Persona

Separate Corporate Number for Calls and Texts

With BlackBerry® WorkLife Persona, employees get a separate corporate identity on their devices for calling and text – without an additional SIM.

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BlackBerry WorkLife Data

Automated Reimbursements for Corporate Data Usage

BlackBerry® WorkLife Data automates reimbursements for employees by clearly separating data used by corporate and personal applications.

A Better Work Experience for Users

BlackBerry WorkLife Persona helps employees maintain an efficient work-life balance by ensuring that personal and professional calls and text messages stay separate—giving them the privacy they need. Users receive calls on the work line through the native dialer, while outgoing calls are easy to initiate through the BlackBerry WorkLife app.

With BlackBerry WorkLife, you can increase productivity in a BYOD environment by eliminating users’ worry about being billed for work charges on their personal plan. Users know that all charges incurred from work-related activity (calls, texts, and corporate app usage) will be taken care of by the enterprise, so they can work on mobile with confidence.

Address Compliance Requirements

BlackBerry WorkLife’s clear separation of billing between business and personal voice, text, and data helps address legal concerns.

BlackBerry WorkLife Persona enables regulated enterprises to meet stringent compliance requirements related to legislation such as MiFID II and the Dodd Frank Act. It provides accurate records of communication on work identity for dispute resolution. It can record calls in real time and archive texts into existing enterprise e-Discovery solutions.

BlackBerry WorkLife Data delivers complete expense management, making it easy to address compliance requirements that come with BYOD. This feature—coupled with detailed usage reports that can be configured for any time period, user, or app—can help you answer HR, tax, and regulatory compliance questions with minimal effort.

Eliminate BYOD Reimbursement Challenges

Most organizations are facing the same challenges when it comes to BYOD usage reimbursement, including:

  • Stipend payments are based on estimates—not exact corporate usage
  • Expense claims are time-consuming and costly to administer
  • Organizations can find themselves inadvertently subsidizing personal usage

BlackBerry WorkLife addresses each of these issues by clarifying the exact portions of work-related voice, text, and data usage, so employees no longer need to reclaim expenses. You can put an end to costly, complex, and time-consuming BYOD reimbursement programs.

Save Money and Maintain Control With BYOD

BlackBerry WorkLife helps you save more by transitioning from a COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) model to a BYOD model.

With BlackBerry WorkLife, you get the same level of control on BYOD deployments as you do in COPE – but without the additional costs associated with personal usage. You pay for the employees’ corporate voice and text lines, and only reimburse them for work-related data use. Should the employee leave, the number stays within the enterprise. This means that all texts on the corporate work line will be deleted as well.

Manage Analytics and Policies From a Simple Console

With BlackBerry WorkLife’s built-in advanced analytics feature, you can monitor employees’ work-related voice, text, and data usage from a simple console—without visibility into users’ personal lives. You can view usage by total amount, by individual, and by type of reimbursement, offering a clear breakdown of how your employees work on mobile.

From this console, enterprise administrators can also selectively apply rules and policies for work applications, such as turning on and off data reimbursements, without affecting personal apps – allowing for a complete separation of work and personal usage.

Deploy Quickly and Easily

BlackBerry WorkLife Persona and BlackBerry WorkLife Data are easy to deploy. They’re cloud-based and both carrier and EMM independent, so setup is minimal.

The BlackBerry WorkLife Persona solution leverages the carrier network, making it inherently secure and reliable, and ensuring it works with carriers worldwide. A work identity can easily be provided on any iOS or Android BYOD device--regardless of carrier.

With a simple, one-step process, you can enable BlackBerry WorkLife Data on any device managed by BlackBerry® Dynamics. It also works on apps managed by other EMM vendors that use VPNs to secure device communications.

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