Secure, Manage and Distribute Mobile Apps

The BlackBerry MAM solution offers a comprehensive set of Mobile Application Management policies at the application level along with workflows and distribution methods independent of the operating system.  BlackBerry MAM can work with--or independent of—Mobile Device Management (MDM), giving enterprises more options for enabling mobility in BYOD environments and the extended enterprise, without compromising security or user privacy.  BlackBerry provides pre-configured apps including a secure personal information manager (PIM) and a secure browser as well as the ability to extend applications through an SDK and wrapping.

Mobile Application Management is included in the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Secure Apps via Containerization

Containerization, a key component of Mobile Application Management (MAM), protects all critical enterprise data with full end-to-end encryption that is independent of the underlying device. This means all devices, no matter the operating system, version, or manufacturer, receive the same level of security.

BlackBerry offers the world’s most secure containerization support across iOS®, Android™ and Windows®. With over a decade of rigorous testing in the most demanding environments, FIPS-validated, app-level, AES 256-bit encryption, and unmatched certifications such as Common Criteria ELA4+, containerization for iOS, Android and BlackBerry® 10 from BlackBerry is the battle-hardened standard for mobile security.

Containerization for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 from BlackBerry encrypts and protects data:

At Rest
App data at rest is encrypted with device- and OS-independent cryptography. Even if the device is compromised, corporate data remains protected.

In Motion
Containerized apps automatically leverage a secure infrastructure that encrypts data in motion, between an app container and behind the firewall resources without the need for open firewall ports or utilize VPN.

Between Apps
Secure app-to-app data sharing ensures constant information protection, even when data is shared between apps.

Manage Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Apps

BlackBerry® UEM supports the direct management of Microsoft® Office 365™ productivity apps alongside existing corporate applications managed by BlackBerry1. UEM admins can apply policies to apps such as Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® in the same console they use to manage other corporate apps, regardless of whether they are managed by native OS MAM, third party containers, or BlackBerry® Dynamics.

Distribute Apps

The enterprise app catalog in BlackBerry® UEM provides a one-stop shop for distributing custom-built apps, curated apps and/or apps from consumer app stores to employees and authorized members of the extended enterprise (e.g., contractors, ecosystem partners, etc.) – even without managing the device.

Manage and Enforce App-Level Policies

Centrally manage compliance and data loss prevention (DLP) policies – even developer-specified custom app policies. The BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform set highly granular policies on specific apps or across apps for ultimate control over corporate data. Ideally suited for bring your own device (BYOD) scenarios where management of devices that are not corporate-owned is not appropriate, the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform lets you focus on managing your enterprise's information assets and apps with granular control.

1 Capability is in a limited availability beta while Microsoft’s Graph API for Intune is in beta, once generally available, BlackBerry will support immediately.