Protect Your IP Wherever Files Go

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, your organization’s intellectual property (IP) is more valuable than ever.  Reduce the risk of a breach or loss of IP by keeping your organization’s sensitive data encrypted and controlled by default, no matter how it is shared.

Your users will be able to confidently access, share and collaborate on even the most sensitive files—on all devices, across all interfaces—and you can be confident your IP is not at risk.

Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS)

Employees need tools that allow them to collaborate by accessing content anytime and anywhere to share with internal colleagues and with external partners, customers, and clients. But losing control of how content is shared can expose an enterprise to many risks.

BlackBerry Workspaces

BlackBerry® Workspaces is the leading secure EFSS solution, enabling users to share, edit and control their files on every device. Only Workspaces can provide the level of security organizations require—wherever files are, wherever they need to go, whoever needs to access them. Workspaces embeds digital rights management (DRM) protection in your files so your content stays secure everywhere it goes. With Workspaces, you stay in control, even after files are downloaded and shared with third parties.

Secure Document Collaboration

Secure mobile email and web browsing have empowered many organizations to improve their business operations by freeing employees from location and device constraints. Now some of those organizations are progressing to the next step: sophisticated mobile workflows that can connect mobile employees with each other and the enabling processes, policies, and data streams that form today’s business infrastructure.

BlackBerry Share

BlackBerry® Share lets mobile workers easily access, download and share their documents, with app-level encryption and data protection. It integrates with SharePoint and other corporate repositories so users can complete common business workflows on their device of choice.