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The comprehensive new BlackBerry® platform designed for the Enterprise of Things addresses the entire enterprise from endpoint to endpoint, helping companies manage and secure their mobile devices and connected things, as well as communications for all messaging and file types.

The totality of the BlackBerry solution is called BlackBerry Secure, and is grounded in this new mobile software security platform.

Discover What’s New in the Latest Software Releases:

Empower All Users Across All Endpoints

  • BYO∞ - from BYOD to BYOC
    • Simple, secure access to business content from personally owned cell phones, tablets, and Windows® 10 and macOS laptops
  • Best-in-class mobile user experience across all devices
    • Secure PIM, now including apps for notes, tasks and shared calendars
  • Collaborative workspaces for secure, seamless file sharing
    • Support for simultaneous editing by multiple users using Microsoft® Office 365™

Engineered for the Enterprise

  • Maximize ROI on enterprise mobility investment
    • Increase adoption of business apps with real-time diagnostics and analytics
  • Lower TCO for large scale deployments by minimizing end user help desk calls
    • Self-select corporate owned or personally owned device activation type for end users
  • Leverage existing investments in Office 365 and Microsoft® Azure™
  • Address specialized regulatory security and data sovereignty requirements

New Product Branding to Reflect Ongoing Innovation and Integration of Acquisitions

  • BES®12 is becoming BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Manager (BlackBerry® UEM)
  • WatchDox® by BlackBerry is becoming BlackBerry® Workspaces
  • All products previously branded as Good™ apps are now BlackBerry apps

Manage All Your Endpoints With BlackBerry UEM

BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Manager (formerly known as BES®12) allows you to securely manage mobile devices and other endpoints across different operating systems and ownership models (personally owned or corporate liable devices).

What's New in the Latest BlackBerry UEM Release?

  • Unified server footprint – Lower your total cost of ownership.
  • Unified user/group/policy/app management – Leverage a single console for simplified admin and rich app management.
  • Exchange Gatekeeping for BlackBerry® Work – Reduce your admin overhead.
  • App catalog ratings and reviews – Make it easier for users to discover apps.
  • Activation type specific passwords – Get enhanced management flexibility for different ownership models.
  • Android SMS/MMS/Call Logging (AfW, Knox) – Enable Android Corporate Liable for regulated industries.
  • Android for Work Policy and Deployment Enhancements – Get simplified set up, and enhanced security and control.
  • UEM Dark Site for Samsung KNOX, BlackBerry 10 – Government customers can now securely manage KNOX and BlackBerry 10.
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Management Framework – Get tighter third party integration into UEM console.
  • Regionalized Deployment of Localized Access – Enjoy increased UEM deployment flexibility and reduced TCO.
  • iOS Enhancements (QoS, etc) – Discover enhanced management and control for iOS.
  • Personal Application Inventory – Make use of simplified reporting on personal app usage on CLD.
  • BlackBerry Secure Gateway - Traveler Support – Provide a familiar native iOS mail/PIM experience for Domino.

Secure File Sync & Share With BlackBerry Workspaces

BlackBerry® Workspaces (formerly known as WatchDox by BlackBerry) is a modern, highly secure file management platform that enables effortless, multi-OS synchronization and sharing. In April, it was recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: EFSS, Hybrid Solutions, Q2 2016 report.

What's New in the Latest Release of BlackBerry Workspaces?

  • File Locking - Users that are permitted to upload new versions of a file will also be allowed to “Lock” it, thus preventing other users from making edits at the same time.
  • New Usability Enhancements – Users now have the ability to mark folders as favorites with quick access filters such as recent locations and favorites.
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS) Integration - Workspaces can be managed from the same admin console as BlackBerry Work, BlackBerry UEM, and BlackBerry® Dynamics apps.
  • Simplify Appliance-X deployment - Installing the core BlackBerry Workspaces solution and additional add-ons has never been easier. The installation process for partners and customers is simple and quick.
  • New Connectors for Windows File Shares, SharePoint, and OneDrive - Brand new technical infrastructure re-introduces Workspaces content connectors for Microsoft content repositories (SharePoint, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business) and Windows File Shares (CIFS).
  • Improved Licensing Report - Administrators can now input a list of the company internal email domains directly in the admin console and then export a report providing a user count separated into internal contributors, internal visitors, external contributors, and external visitors.
  • Improve flow of deleting user from an organization - Users that are workspace administrators must be replaced and cannot be fully removed.

Securely Manage Tasks on Mobile Devices With BlackBerry Tasks

BlackBerry® Tasks is a personal task management application on the BlackBerry Dynamics Mobility platform that enables users to securely create, open, and manage all tasks synchronized with Microsoft® Exchange.

  • Experience a full desktop experience with sync of Microsoft Exchange.
  • Utilize a filtered UI to always stay on top of current and future tasks.
  • Set alerts so deadlines are always met while on-the-go.
  • Create recurring tasks and sort tasks by date, priority, and category.
  • Convert an email into a task.

Stay Organized With BlackBerry Notes

BlackBerry® Notes is a secure, note-taking solution designed for businesses. It will allow your employees to create, edit, and maintain notes on their device to stay organized and on top of business workflows. Maximize your Microsoft Exchange investment by enabling enterprises to extend note-taking to mobile devices.

  • Experience a tiled-view UI to see all notes with one glance.
  • Organize notes in multiple ways for easy search on the go.
  • Use rich text to emphasize key points.
  • Quickly send a note as an email to share business insights.
  • Switch between mobile and desktop with the assurance that all notes are up to date.

Connect Instantly on the Go With BlackBerry Connect

BlackBerry® Connect (formerly known as Good Connect) is the secure instant messaging solution that enables you to quickly collaborate with colleagues. It extends your current enterprise instant messaging investment (Microsoft® Lync®, Skype™ for Business, Cisco® Jabber, IBM® Sametime®) to provide not only secure IM, but also file share, corporate lookup, and presence status.

What’s Coming Soon With BlackBerry Connect?

  • Group chat: Initiate and join group IM conversations: Save time relaying individual messages across multiple people to communicate quickly and more efficiently.

All-in-One Mobile Editing With Docs to Go

BlackBerry® Docs To Go is the all-in-one secure enterprise document editing application that enables you to manage and edit Microsoft® Word documents, Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations straight from your device.

  • Stay productive and edit important business files from your device at any time.
  • Open compatible files and make quick changes from anywhere.
  • Data is fully encrypted in transit to and from your file stores.

Single Sign-on to Cloud Services With BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity makes it easy for users to access cloud applications from any device, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry®, as well as traditional computing platforms.

What's New in the Latest Release of BlackBerry Enterprise Identity?

  • Group authentication policy - Authentication policy can now be applied on both a per-group and a per-service basis, allowing fine-grained control between security and usability.
  • Contextual authentication - Authentication policy can automatically adjust based on user location or the device they're using, enforcing higher security only when risks are present, and making things easier for end users.
  • Support for 2FA users without mobile devices - Users without a mobile device can now be secured with BlackBerry® 2FA through the use of standards-based hardware tokens, allowing customers to deploy 2FA enterprise-wide.
  • Support for DocuSign - Customers using DocuSign can now protect and manage it with the solution.
  • Support for WebFOCUS - Customers using WebFOCUS can now protect and manage it with the solution.

Strong, Cost-Effective Security With BlackBerry 2FA

BlackBerry® 2FA (formerly known as Strong Authentication by BlackBerry) leverages your existing iOS®, Android™, and BlackBerry® devices to deliver a simple, modern user experience that protects your organization’s critical systems, results in far fewer helpdesk calls, and doesn’t compromise on security.

What's New in the Latest Release of BlackBerry 2FA?

  • Support for users without mobile devices - Users without a mobile device can now be secured through the use of standards-based hardware tokens, allowing customers to deploy the solution enterprise-wide.
  • Full user management in BlackBerry UEM - All user management functions for the solution are now manageable from within the BlackBerry UEM console, simplifying deployment and administration.
  • Support for Barracuda - Customers using the Barracuda SSL VPN can now protect their systems with the solution.

Securely Enable All Your Mobile Apps With BlackBerry Dynamics

BlackBerry® Dynamics is a single platform service to mobilize all your core business apps, no matter if they are core collaboration apps, ISV apps, or custom-developed business apps. It provides the needed security to ensure critical business data is never put at risk while being flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing mobile landscape.

What's New in BlackBerry Dynamics?

  • Dynamic PKI Support - Enables organizations who use PKI infrastructure for AD authentication.
  • Xamarin Forms - Support Xamarin Forms for cross-platform UI development.

Business-Class Email & Collaboration With BlackBerry Work

Make your mobile workforce more productive with BlackBerry® Work (formerly known as Good Work), while keeping your company’s data secure – no matter who owns the device.

What's New in the Latest BlackBerry Work Release?

  • App Analytics - Integrated analytics to determine usage patterns, time of day usage and more.
  • Shared Calendars - Access and manage both shared and personal calendars on mobile. Admins can jointly manage delegated calendars while teams can utilize team calendars.
  • Agenda View - Get a single view of the day, reduction in multiple tools, reduction in time to visibility, and interact via voice-over for visually impaired.
  • Improved Diagnostics - More easily support your users with rich client diagnostics to identify key issues.

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