Create a More Productive Workplace

Help your employees stay on top of their daily responsibilities, and get things done efficiently and securely. BlackBerry® Tasks is a personal task management application built on BlackBerry® Dynamics that enables users to securely create, open, and manage all tasks synchronized with Microsoft® Exchange. With BlackBerry Tasks, employees can easily set priorities and maximize productivity, anytime and anywhere.

Business-Focused Features

BlackBerry Tasks is a business-focused tool with features that help users achieve more.

  • Experience a tabbed UI to always stay on top of current and future tasks.
  • Set constant alerts so deadlines are always met while on-the-go.
  • Boost engagement with recurring tasks.
  • Sort tasks by date and priority for easier project planning.
  • Experience a full desktop experience with sync of Microsoft Exchange.

Keep Data Secure and Up to Date

Built on BlackBerry Dynamics, BlackBerry Tasks keeps task management activities secure. All data is stored in the secure BlackBerry container with no risk of data leakage. With FIPS-validated cryptography, you know business data, both in transit and at rest, will be protected.

Maximize Your Current Investment

BlackBerry Tasks enables enterprises to maximize their investments. Many enterprises have invested heavily in Microsoft Exchange to enable the tasks feature on the desktop, but it is not available on devices. Enterprises can now extend tasks beyond the desktop to mobile.

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