All-in-One Mobile Editing Solution

BlackBerry® Docs To Go is the all-in-one secure enterprise document editing application that enables you to manage and edit Microsoft® Word documents, Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, and Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations straight from your device.  Built on BlackBerry® Dynamics, BlackBerry Docs To Go makes it easy to safely edit files saved on your other integrated BlackBerry enterprise applications. With a few taps, you can make critical last minute changes to documents, both online and offline, working in a desktop-like setting to go beyond basic text edits to complete business workflows.

Manage Documents Anytime, Anywhere

Stay productive and edit important business files from your device at any time. Unlike other Microsoft® Office editing tools that require internet connectivity, BlackBerry Docs To Go enables you to work on files anytime, even when offline.

Open compatible files and make quick changes from anywhere and for any business purpose, whether it be to collaborate on projects with colleagues, to make a quick inventory change to a spreadsheet, or to fix a slide on a presentation before a meeting. With BlackBerry Docs To Go, you no longer have to wait to get to a desktop to manage documents. Easily undo changes, use rich text formats, and utilize the find-and replace feature—all on mobile.

Last minute changes to documents are now possible with just a couple taps, so you can easily collaborate and keep business workflows moving forward no matter where you are.

Data Security

With BlackBerry Docs To Go, data is stored using Mobile App Containerization from BlackBerry for app-to-app collaboration workflows. The data is fully encrypted in transit to and from your file stores. All data in motion and at rest is stored securely with military-grade AES encryption so you know there is no threat of data leakage. 

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