What’s New in the Latest BBM Enterprise Release

Video Communications Protection

With BBM Enterprise, you only need one app to cover your mobile messaging and collaboration needs, including video communications.

Forward Message

Confidently forward message content from one secure chat to another, so you can seamlessly move between chats to keep work flowing. For example, a triage nurse communicating with a specialist over BBM Enterprise can securely and immediately forward the chat details to an ER doctor.

Team Messaging

Organizational teams can enjoy context-specific, secure BBM collaboration sessions, with a subject assigned to each session. This capability can help greatly in industries such as healthcare, for collaborative discussions about specific patients, or in financial services, with chats concerning individual client support.

Priority Messaging

High priority messages appear in red to notify BBM Enterprise users that a message is high priority.

Secure Mobile Messaging

BBM® Enterprise (formerly known as BBM® Protected) allows employees to take advantage of the speed, reliability and privacy of BBM for faster communication, collaboration and decision making while providing security conscious organizations enhanced security over corporate data.

BBM Enterprise is the ideal business communication tool because it is mobile and immediate. Unlike enterprise IM tools that were originally designed for use on the desktop, BBM Enterprise offers a truly mobile experience, on the devices employees prefer.

BBM Enterprise is built for action. One-to-one chats, group discussions and file sharing all happen with an immediacy that’s hard to achieve any other way. Knowing when their messages have been received and read, teams can collaborate with confidence, in real-time. Instantly, employees can boost their productivity and responsiveness, too.

Protect Your Assets End-to-End

Whether you’re a regulated business, or a highly security conscious organization, BBM Enterprise offers an enhanced security model for messages and video communications between Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry® smartphones. It protects corporate data in-transit by adding an additional layer of encryption.

Protect Data In-Transit

BBM Enterprise is designed to provide full end-to-end message and video encryption from the time a BBM Enterprise user sends a message or begins a video chat to when the recipient receives the message or the video chat is ended. It incorporates three layers of security. 

  • BBM Enterprise introduces a new layer of encryption to the existing BBM security model.
    • Messages between BBM Enterprise users are encrypted using a PGP like model. The sender and recipient have unique public/private encryption and signing keys.
    • These keys are generated on the device, by the FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic library, and are controlled by the enterprise.
    • Each message uses a new random symmetric key for message encryption.
  • A Triple DES 168-bit BBM scrambling key encrypts messages on the sender’s smartphone, and is used to authenticate and decrypt messages on the recipient’s phone.
  • TLS encryption between the smartphone and the BBM infrastructure helps protect BBM Enterprise messages from eavesdropping or manipulation.

Protect Data on the Device

BBM Enterprise builds upon the proven BlackBerry security model, trusted by security conscious organizations around the world. The secure root of trust starts in BlackBerry smartphone hardware and extends up through software and application layers helping to protect BBM Enterprise messages at all times when they are at rest on the device. BBM Enterprise on iOS and Android protects your BBM Enterprise messages at rest by using AES to encrypt the database, encryption and signing keys.

Improve Employee Productivity

Speed up communication, collaboration and sharing between employees with speed, confidence and privacy.

Security Made Simple

All the added security offered by BBM Enterprise happens in the background. When a BBM Enterprise user sends a message, their conversation defaults to the added level of encryption, even if the recipient is a non-BBM Enterprise user. This enables a BBM Enterprise user to extend an enterprise-grade security interaction with contacts such as clients, customers and partners.

Designed for Mobile. Built for Speed.

BBM Enterprise offers a better mobile experience than enterprise IM clients that originated on desktop. It allows chats, group discussions, video communications, file sharing, and voice calls to happen with speed and mobility you can’t get over email. If a coworker isn’t already a BBM Enterprise contact, simply find them in the BBM Enterprise Cloud Directory Service, start a chat and add them automatically.

Know When a Message is Read

Employees can communicate confidently with delivery and read notifications that let them know the other person has received and actually saw their message. Even in multi-person chats, BBM Enterprise users can see which contacts have read messages.

Easily Manage Your Multi-OS Environment

BBM Enterprise offers support for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices, with powerful security, management and control, from a single, cloud-based console.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

BBM Enterprise is easy to deploy and manage, across all supported devices, through the cloud-based Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry management console. There’s no costly new hardware to purchase and no new servers to install. And with IT policy amalgamation, you can quickly add BBM Enterprise to existing IT policies.

Secure Intercompany Messaging Comes Built-In

Messages between BBM Enterprise users are automatically encrypted using the advanced public/private key pair–even if those users work in different companies, and all without any complex, costly federation required.

BBM Enterprise users can also extend BBM Enterprise chat capabilities to non-BBM Enterprise users outside of their organization. This offers an enterprise-grade secure instant messaging environment as a value-add to clients and customers, regardless of their device platforms.

Simple IT Control and Management

BBM Enterprise puts the control for corporate data exchange back in the hands of the IT Admin. It provides simple IT policies, like the ability to wipe BBM Enterprise data.

BBM Enterprise Requirements

Learn about the software, BBM version and administration requirements.

  • 1. Device Operating System Requirements
    1. For BlackBerry® OS devices, BBM Protected will work with BlackBerry OS version 6.0, 7.0, or 7.1 
    2. For BlackBerry® 10 devices, BBM Protected will work on BlackBerry 10 v 10.2, 10.2.1, or 10.3 
    3. For iPhone, BBM Enterprise will work on iOS 7.0 or higher 
    4. For Android devices, BBM Enterprise will work on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or higher
  • 2. Minimum Application Version Requirements
    1. For BlackBerry OS devices, BBM Protected requires BBM version 8.5.3 or higher
    2. For BlackBerry 10 devices, BBM Protected requires BBM version 10.7 or higher
    3. For iPhone, BBM Enterprise version 1.0 or higher is required
    4. For Android devices, BBM Enterprise version 1.0 or higher is required
  • 3. Admin Requirements

    For BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, iPhone, and Android devices BBM Enterprise is managed through the Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry Administration console – a service you get when you purchase your BBM Enterprise subscriptions.

    No BES is required.

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