Make Your IT Systems and Information More Secure

Cybersecurity is a persistent and increasing business risk for organizations that depend on mobile endpoints that connect through networked and cloud-enabled platforms.

With solutions tailored to your specific needs, BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting will help you:

  • Identify the latest cybersecurity threats
  • Develop risk appropriate mitigation strategies
  • Implement and maintain IT security standards and techniques
  • Defend against the risk of future attacks

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the process of attempting to gain access to computer systems, networks, mobile devices, wireless communications and web applications, without knowledge of usernames, passwords or any other normal means of access. With permission from your organization to test, the ultimate goal is to find vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit and tell you how to remove the vulnerability.

Standard types of testing available include:

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External penetration testing to ensure that your Company’s IT systems are secure from any internet based attack.

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Internal penetration testing to reveal any potential issues that may allow a server to be compromised by a user already on the internal network, including internal employees.

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PCI DSS ASV Scanning to scan infrastructure related to card payments.

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Social Engineering to identify environment and human vulnerabilities that can threaten your networks.

THINK Service

THINK (Threat Intelligence and Knowledge) service provides a unique and ‘real world’ approach to assessing the security of your organization. Cyber threats can come from any of a number of sources, but all have one advantage in common: time. To better simulate this reality, unlike a standard penetration test, a THINK test will typically occur over a period of time. This allows the testers to observe the targets and choose the most effective time for an attack, or attempt multiple low scale assaults to gain an understanding of the nature of protections in place.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Are you a supplier to the Ministry of Defense or its Supply Chain?

From January 2016 the MoD will stipulate in all new contracts for MoD identifiable products and services that Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials PLUS is a requirement upon commencement of the contract.

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting is an authorized certification body under the QG Cyber Essentials accreditation scheme.

Forensic Services

Unlock the potential of digital evidence. Today, crime often involves use of digital devices either directly or indirectly. A forensic examination of these devices can reveal important information that could strengthen a case.

Choose from a range of forensic services including:

Digital forensic investigations on hard drives, removable media, digital cameras and smartphones.

Incident response support to advise on the correct steps to follow in order to ensure evidence is collected and the incident is contained.

One-day onsite forensic readiness consultation to help you develop an incident response plan.

Damaged drive recovery to help you avoid losing business critical data contained on hard disks.

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GDPR Consulting Services

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to be enforced in May 2018, applies to EU-based organizations as well as any company that processes the data of EU citizens. It will reshape the way organizations collect, use and store information on customers, employees and others.

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting provides data impact assessments and security audits to help you meet GDPR requirements, partnering with your organization in a transformation that goes beyond a piece of software or individual consulting service.

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